Qianmuyuan wardrobe made a good start in December,

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On December 1, Qianmuyuan wardrobe officially signed a contract with the class president of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, and the grand goal of Qianmuyuan wardrobe dealers throughout the country is one step closer

Qianmuyuan wardrobe has fully entered Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

Hohhot is the capital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the political, economic, cultural, scientific, educational and financial center of Inner Mongolia, the core city of Hohhot Baoyin city group and the central city of Hohhot baoe city group. Hohhot governs 4 districts, 4 counties and 1 banner. The central urban area is located in the northeast of tumechuan plain on the southern edge of the Mongolian Plateau, with mountains on its back and water on its side, Yinshan Mountain on the north, the Yellow River on the south, and Donghe River, Xihe River and Dahei river flowing around the city

With a long history and splendid culture, Hohhot is one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization

In December, the last month of 2016, on December 1, Qianmuyuan wardrobe officially signed a contract with the class president of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, and the grand goal of Qianmuyuan wardrobe dealers all over the country is one step closer

at the signing site

the sharp business sense makes president ban put his eyes into the customized furniture industry, very optimistic about the future development trend of customized furniture, and has been considering introducing a customized furniture brand with both reputation and strength. I learned from the website that Qianmuyuan customized wardrobe and Qianmuyuan customized furniture are one of the few full house customized furniture brands in Chengdu, covering panel, blister, coating and solid wood. Through communication with the investment manager, the time of visiting the company was agreed

accompanied by the investment manager, the class president visited the Qianmuyuan production plant on the spot: a modern factory, a fully CNC production line, industry-leading design and drawing software, and perfect supporting services. At the same time, during the communication between the two sides, the manager of the investment promotion department introduced in detail the operation mode, business structure, and development strategic objectives of Qianmuyuan wardrobe. Coupled with 10 years of brand precipitation and word-of-mouth accumulation, the class president was very confident in the comprehensive competitiveness of the product. Finally, he chose Qianmuyuan customized furniture and decided to sign a contract on the spot

in the picture is the head of the class, on the right is Mr. Zhang, and on the left is Mr. Hu, manager of Qianmuyuan's investment promotion department.

immediately, Qianmuyuan company began to design the head of the class store, provide professional training and guidance for the future operation of the store, position the operation mode and direction, and draw up a professional operation plan in combination with the situation of the northern region. At that time, it will provide high-quality products and considerate services to northern consumers

Mr. Ban said that the development speed and support of Qianmuyuan were obvious. During the comparison process, both Qianmuyuan's products and services left him a good impression. At the same time, during the investigation, Qianmuyuan's feedback was positive, which also showed Qianmuyuan's good brand spirit and brand influence

since its establishment, Qianmuyuan wardrobe has gradually become a high-end brand of customized furniture in China with its far-sighted brand promotion strategy. With more than 10 years of experience in furniture service, it is committed to dealers from franchise basis to operation improvement, to long-term business development, lifelong responsible comprehensive operation support, and professional and exclusive training services in the store, covering all levels of dealers, store managers, and clerks, Ensure that dealers build a high-quality platform for store management, talent cultivation and market competition

Qianmuyuan wardrobe ― " A breathing wardrobe "e;, More and more customers

green, healthy, high-quality products, more than 10 years of brand reputation, high-end and perfect production lines and after-sales service have made the dealers who came to know and visited see huge market benefits. They have joined in one after another and signed contracts continuously. Qianmuyuan dealers have gradually spread all over the country

now Qianmuyuan customized wardrobe is establishing a dealer network channel nationwide. After the improvement of supporting facilities in the early stage, the improvement and implementation of technology, the establishment of after-sales service guarantee system, and the precipitation of many years engaged in the customization industry, Qianmuyuan brand is bringing a new wealth and business opportunities, a new industry concept, and a new cooperation mode to the vast number of dealer friends

Qianmuyuan headquarters address: Yongsheng supporting Park, Wenjiang Strait science and Technology Park, Chengdu




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