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The European style presents a dignified, elegant and luxurious atmosphere for the owners by using the exquisite design. The European style decoration fully integrates the European distinctive color matching into the decoration, making the decoration more global and showing the cultural charm of different countries for the owners. Now let's enjoy the style of European style decoration with our Wuhan Decoration Xiaobian with the 89 square meter house type of Huajun in the flower pattern year

Community: huaxinian Huajun (huaxinian Huajun community group assembly)

area: 89 square meters

house type: two bedrooms and two halls

Design: huaxinian Huajun project is located at No. 138 Renhe Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan City, close to Renhe Road Station of Metro Line 4, and close to many traffic arteries such as happy avenue, Friendship Avenue, Erqi Yangtze River Bridge, Tianxingzhou bridge, Houhu Yangtze River tunnel, etc, You can take multiple buses to Renhe Road, Tuanjie Avenue or Wufeng village, directly to chuhehan street, as soon as Wuhan high-speed rail, and enjoy OCT Happy Valley. It can be said that the transportation is convenient and the future potential is infinite

[European style decoration effect drawing]

the most vivid feature of European style lies in the aesthetic feeling of space. The unique design of ceiling makes the whole living room more layered, and the symmetrical space distribution reduces more space burden, making people more comfortable and comfortable

the bedroom is more comfortable and warm, and the small furniture is preferred in terms of furniture configuration, which does not occupy space. In addition, the European style focuses on the use of golden yellow and white as the keynote to create an aesthetic and gorgeous temperament

the restaurant is not big, but it must be warm. The restaurant is a place to enjoy delicious food. There is no good atmosphere. No matter how good the food is, it is only smoke and cloud. Therefore, the design of the restaurant should be close to people's hearts. Only by satisfying people's mood when eating, can the building of the restaurant be successful

the decoration of the porch plays a very important role in creating a unique and charming place for the new house. Such a place can not only beautify the house, but also serve as the facade of the whole room

the above is the relevant knowledge about the decoration of two rooms and two halls with an area of 89 square meters in mood for love County cited by Xiaobian. As an enduring decoration style, the European style has attracted the attention of countless audiences with its unique charm. (recommended reading: huaxinian Huajun 114 Ping Economic decoration quotation)

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