How to choose furniture with excellent quality

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Furniture is an indispensable item in our house. It not only brings people comfort, but also has a certain space decoration effect. At present, the furniture brands on the market are diverse, and the quality is also uneven. How to choose furniture with excellent quality? Let's introduce it to you in this article

is the quality of Wumu furniture good?

1. Wumu furniture was founded in 1998. It is a product of Beijing Wumu Furniture Co., Ltd. It mainly produces panel furniture. The furniture produced is quite excellent in quality and product service. At the same time, Wumu furniture has outstanding design ability and integrates fashionable and personalized elements into furniture repeatedly

2. Wumu furniture is made of excellent materials and advanced production equipment from Europe. The hardware accessories of furniture are imported from Germany, with high quality and long service life. At the same time, the furniture produced has tight edge sealing, exquisite appearance and excellent environmental protection performance. Whether the quality of Wumu furniture is good or not, Wumu furniture is very excellent in quality and environmental protection, and it is a furniture brand worth choosing

how to choose furniture with excellent quality

1. Stability and firmness

when choosing custom furniture, we first need to observe whether the nail holding force and load-bearing capacity of the board are excellent. We need to test whether it is firm and stable. We can press it by hand or can bear the weight of more than 100 kilograms of adults, indicating excellent quality

2. Look at environmental protection

the environmental protection of furniture is also a problem that we can't ignore when choosing furniture. We can smell whether the furniture has pungent smell when choosing furniture. If so, don't buy it later. At the same time, we also need to look at the environmental protection standard of furniture. The environmental protection grade of furniture needs to reach at least E1 level before it can be used in interior decoration

3. Moisture proof and flame retardant

moisture proof and flame retardant will directly affect the experience and use safety of furniture. Therefore, when purchasing furniture, we'd better see whether the moisture-proof and flame retardant properties of boards meet the relevant national standards, so that our home safety is more guaranteed

4. Look at hardware accessories

hardware accessories of furniture will directly affect the service life of furniture. Therefore, when purchasing furniture, we need to choose those excellent furniture products with hardware accessories quality, so the quality can be more guaranteed

article summary: the above is about the quality of Wumu furniture and how to choose high-quality furniture. I hope you can provide some help when purchasing furniture, so that you can have a beautiful and comfortable indoor space




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