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It is often said that decoration is a regret project in life. For the owner of the first decoration, "regret is always inevitable". In that case, the decoration doesn't need to be too tangled. Small regrets don't matter. It can be made up through the later soft decoration collocation or clever layout. But the general direction or some common sense in the decoration process should be known. The background wall editor of oulaiman summarized some things for you, hoping to bring help to the partners of the initial decoration

first, measure your size and then buy furniture

many people blindly visit various home building materials stores when buying furniture, for example, they finally find a door they like, and as a result, they can't install it. Therefore, remind you that you must measure your size before you buy relevant furniture. Don't buy it just because it looks good. The installation won't pay off

second, children's room furniture should not have sharp corners

if the decoration of children's room involves the decoration of children's room, we should consider the gender, age and hobbies of the baby at home, and do not decorate blindly. In addition, the furniture of children's room should be selected with special treatment on the edges and corners, and safety is paramount

III. waterproof test should be done before construction

waterproof should be done well, and waterproof test must be done. Even if there is a little problem, it must be redone, otherwise it will be difficult to control when the problem is big

IV. install double control ceiling lights in the bedroom

the ceiling lights in the bedroom must be installed with double control, one beside the bed and one beside the door, so as to avoid lying in bed in winter and turning off the lights again, especially in winter in Northeast China, when you are sleepy, turn off the lights next to the door, and come back directly to freeze your spirit

v. be sure to be on site during construction

now is an era with a fast pace of life, and everyone wants to save trouble. Therefore, some netizens choose all inclusive when decorating, but all inclusive doesn't mean nothing. No matter how busy you are, you should always go to the construction site for inspection and supervision





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