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Dishwasher is one of the star products in the kitchen electricity market in recent two years. The young consumer groups represented by the post-80s and post-90s generation increasingly want to get rid of the housework of dishwashing, so as to free their hands to enjoy more leisure time. From this point of view, the introduction of dishwashers into the kitchen represents a new way of life. According to data, in 2016, the retail sales of China's dishwasher market was 1.98 billion yuan, an increase of 104.8% year-on-year. In 2017, the sales growth of dishwasher products in China ushered in explosive growth, with retail sales reaching 4.33 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 118.7%. According to the market forecast of China Business Research Institute, the retail sales of China's dishwasher industry will exceed 8billion in 2018

following the promotion of consumers in the wave of consumption upgrading, Cohen appliances, the top ten brands of kitchen appliances, has recently launched a new generation of Cohen dishwasher qc-k102 after creating a number of new kitchen appliances. Cohen washing force intelligent dishwasher qc-k102 adopts a fully intelligent embedded design, which fully fits the four walls under the kitchen, and has no restrictions on the house type pattern; Equipped with bright black crystal panel, it is fashionable and atmospheric, and has been highly praised by the majority of consumers. In view of the characteristics of various styles and shapes of Chinese tableware, Cohen great washing force intelligent dishwasher qc-k102 adopts a "freely adjustable" combined dish rack design, and 46 tableware are easy to clean, which can meet the daily cleaning needs of 3-6 Chinese families; The unique drawer push-pull design allows you to operate without bending down, making it easier to take tableware

Cohen big washing power intelligent dishwasher qc-k102 powerful cleaning, powerful removal of heavy oil and dirt, single axis double rotation strong spray force, S-type 10 hole design, 360 ° all-round scouring, and no dead angle cleaning of tableware; One click appointment without escort, free life, high temperature oil dissolving and sterilization, washing and drying, tableware as bright as new, antibacterial effect doubled, completely get rid of the shackles of washing dishes, and return to a happy time. The qc-k102 intelligent dishwasher of Cohen washing force has a special soft water system to avoid the formation of scale and make the cleaning of tableware more manageable; Equipped with three-layer high-efficiency filter screen, it can effectively intercept impurities in the water, prevent water pipe blockage, and make users feel more at ease

with the rise of economy and the upgrading of consumption, the "era of quality consumption" has also quietly arrived. Consumers' pursuit of a better life continues to stimulate more new demands; Under the trend of this era, Cohen appliances, the top ten kitchen appliances brands, continues to create new products, and more successfully leads the new wave of high-end, original and intelligent kitchen appliances of the whole category




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