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Weiye aluminum advertisements can be seen at airports and high-speed railway stations in many cities across the country. What kind of chairman of the group has made enterprise reports overwhelming and product release publicity even higher

Li Shang · Hongren Museum

Pan Weijin

chairman of Guangdong Weiye Aluminum Factory Group Co., Ltd.

vice president of Dali General Chamber of Commerce in Nanhai District, Foshan City

vice president of aluminum profile industry association in Nanhai District, Foshan City

you can see the advertisement of Weiye aluminum in airports and high-speed railway stations in many cities across the country. What kind of enterprise is it that specializes in advertising in tall places? This is a small workshop with only 200 people, which has developed into an aluminum construction enterprise with more than 4000 employees today. The products are widely used in construction engineering, transportation, electronic appliances, sanitary ware, home office, aluminum home customization and other industries, and have more than 3000 distribution outlets across the country

it is curious that Baidu query, the chairman of such a group, did not have any reports of his personal interview. Even if it is a photo, there are only a few ribbon cutting photos of company celebrations or large-scale activities. However, the enterprise reports are overwhelming, and the product release publicity is even higher. What kind of chairman is this

with this curiosity, on a sunny morning in November, I walked into Weiye's changhongling factory in the South China Sea and met Chairman Pan Weijin, a kind-hearted, intelligent and pragmatic entrepreneur

Weiye group

I'm just a hardworking worker. I have nothing outstanding and nothing to interview

Pan Weijin, born in 1968, began to work after graduating from junior high school in 1984. Since Dali people were doing aluminum business at the beginning, he was no exception. Among thousands of private enterprises, why can his enterprise develop into the first and only large-scale enterprise in the industry, and still grow so steadily

Weiye all aluminum furniture

after deep thinking, Mr. Pan said that he and the enterprise had experienced several turning points: in 1998, the enterprise encountered the transformation and upgrading of the industry and market. At that time, consumers' demand for quality was not high, so the products we made were relatively low-grade, such as thin thickness, insufficient surface treatment film, etc. at that time, there was no industry standard guidance in the industry, and they were all so-called non-standard materials. But once, at the scene of the typhoon, he saw severely deformed doors and windows. Careful Mr. Pan soberly realized that everyone would encounter a bottleneck if they made non-standard materials again. Moreover, the use of aluminum materials in construction is a century old event. Non standard materials are like cutting corners. It doesn't slow down the enterprise, but also makes him feel guilty, so he made a decision to start with himself. Upgrade the production of the enterprise, introduce the electrophoretic materials of Taiwan and Japan technology, learn and introduce various industry standards, formulate enterprise standards, apply for brand trademarks and clarify brand ideas, cancel the Shuitou brand and Guanghui brand, and ruthlessly retain only one Weiye brand to improve the quality of products. Due to the improvement of raw materials and processes used in products, the price also increases correspondingly, and there is no mature consumer group for new process products. At this time, the team was also hit by the incomprehension and loss of a large number of customers. In order to respond to the market, we can only lead the team, recommend products everywhere, and develop new and old customers. Pan Dong downplayed the hardships and only talked about the results: we are determined to go one way and one brand. Because the product quality is excellent, many new customers have been added, the market share has been stabilized, and we have won the title of the first batch of inspection free products in the country

Weiye Exhibition Center

as long as an enterprise is professional, confident, determined, sees the market accurately, and has enough funds, it will dare to go anywhere

with the increase of new customers, the output also increases. Considering that customers are all over the country, freight, storage and other issues, resolute Mr. Pan thought of opening factories in other provinces. In 1999, Jiangsu production base was built in this way. When interviewed, "in the social environment at that time, many enterprise bosses did not dare to go out to a strange environment to expand Xinjiang, worried about the difficult relationship with the local government, why do you dare? How can enterprises survive in an unfamiliar political and cultural environment?"

pan answered frankly, "our enterprise brings taxes to the local government, provides employment opportunities to the local people, serves the local economy steadfastly, works diligently, treats local employees kindly, and the local government will go all out to support and help the development of the enterprise."

it is known that Weiye group has provided more than 1500 jobs in Jiangsu Province, and has also played a benchmarking role in environmental protection. It does not bring problems to the local government, but also does its best to donate funds to help employees in difficulties and support local charity funds. The enterprise has been based for 18 years through two plant expansion, and has been valued by leaders at all levels in Jiangsu Province. The development of Jiangsu production base is also the cornerstone for Weiye aluminum to root in the northern market

before the 2008 financial crisis, the whole industry was actively expanding overseas markets, and due to export policies and considerable profits in overseas markets, everyone was transformed. Weiye also encountered customers from Spain, Europe and other countries who took funds and orders to contract the company's production machines. At that time, it was very attractive, but after careful consideration, Weiye finally chose to cultivate its own dealers and become its own brand, Even if you work hard and tired, you can't lose faith with your customers. Just because you took this road, Weiye was spared the scourge of the financial crisis, and the company has also developed steadily

when talking about feelings, we naturally pay attention to the corporate culture of Weiye. In the factory area of Weiye, we can feel a strong cultural atmosphere: "science and technology promote Weiye, quality creates famous brands", "fearless of tests, outstanding performance"; "Talent is the biggest core competitiveness"; "Innovation driven, intelligent transformation, green development", "Internet + industry maximization", "your master of door and window customization" these enterprises' beliefs, ideas and guidance can be seen everywhere. The great cause newspaper, a newspaper given away by the enterprise, is also doing well. As for the theme refined in each large-scale event of the enterprise, I have discussed with several "experts" who specialize in the planning and refining of large-scale brand slogans, and I am ashamed: "walking with you, a wonderful journey" is the theme of the flag ceremony of 20 national operation centers; "Everyone, the general trend, and great achievements" is the theme of the 24th strategic partner fellowship of Guangdong Weiye group in 2016 and the launch ceremony of the first phase of Weiye new door and window production base... The profound cultural connotation of its enterprise is well known. The most impressive thing is that the cultural feelings of entrepreneurs are concentrated in the exhibition center of great cause. The age window display wall shows the development history of China's doors and windows incisively and vividly, and the aluminum home culture, production technology and system door and window area are seen in various style experience areas, showing the ingenuity of enterprises

the profound cultural construction of an enterprise cannot be built overnight

but Chairman Pan said modestly:

I didn't do anything. I just told young people that the company doesn't support idle people. I have given basic wages and development opportunities, and high incomes and bonuses are given by your efforts and diligence

he is really a diligent worker. Diligence is an attitude and an act of striving to make progress. It is impossible to have the spirit of getting something for nothing and let this enterprise inherit and develop step by step to a century old enterprise. The promotion of enterprise employees will also be promoted from the grass-roots level, even if the new high-level students will experience the grass-roots experience. The top management team of Weiye group also tends to be younger, but has served in the company for more than 18 years. Some people from other provinces and Guangdong can feel that this enterprise is very inclusive. Mr. Pan encouraged Weiye's employees to study again and further, reimbursed tuition fees, rewarded employees with skills upgrading, and set up Weiye College for regular theme learning. The enterprise will continue to train employees' cultural literacy and technical functions in production practice, which is a very valuable enterprise love exercise. Regarding each employee as a family member is not only reflected in allowing employees to have room for growth. Chairman Pan is very concerned about the lives and difficulties of employees, and set up an internal 365 fund for emergency use by difficult employees. It is known that a former employee was involved in a car accident. Without saying a word, Chairman Pan offered 50000 yuan to treat him. Such examples are numerous

the Secretary General of Dali General Chamber of Commerce said, "Chairman Pan will spare no effort to do charity. Every time he sees us, he asks if there is anyone in need of help in this regard, and how many poverty alleviation students there are. Just tell me that I will do my best to support."

when an enterprise has a deep cultural heritage, its brand and product story will be rich and long-lasting. On this point, Dong pan only talked about the recent two honors. One is that on August 1 this year, Guangdong Weiye aluminum factory group, as the only 2017 Foshan Municipal Government Quality Award in the aluminum profile industry, held the "standard brand quality Foshan" conference jointly by Foshan Federation of industry and Commerce and Foshan Bureau of quality supervision; One is that on November 17, Guangdong Weiye aluminum factory group won the "Oscar" award of Foshan economy - "Foshan quality brand recognized by consumers" at the "sixth Foshan series activities and experience sharing conference" hosted by Foshan media group, Foshan General Chamber of Commerce and Foshan Enterprise Federation and hosted by Foshan daily

two simple messages are enough to witness the affirmation and recognition of Weiye products in the industry

Weiye Exhibition Center

when chatting casually, near noon, president Tang of the well-known Photography Association took a working photo of Mr. Pan. I was surprised to find that a large row of family photos were displayed on the cabinet in the back of Mr. Pan's desk: family photos, leisure intimacy with his children, family photos... It can be seen that this is an entrepreneur who values his family more than his career. Mr. Pan told us that he had a great wife and a pair of excellent children. The son was twelve years old, and the daughter was sent to New Zealand to study at the age of nine. The wife became the accompanying wife. Today, my son has been able to take charge of the real estate development projects of the enterprise alone, and my daughter has also graduated from the financial school and worked in Foshan senior financial institutions. Seeing the happiness of a small family, it is not difficult to imagine that under the leadership of this great family, Weiye will become a century old enterprise and realize the corporate vision of a world famous brand





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