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For the house type that is not very spacious, the space occupied by the kitchen and bathroom is generally narrow, which is a challenge for the decoration, and you want to have a better decoration effect, but the environment does not allow it. As long as you master the tricks and make clever use of space resources, the small kitchen will also have a good effect. Xiaobian will recommend four super practical decoration renderings of small house type kitchens for you, Explain in detail how to install a small family kitchen for you

decoration effect drawing of more small family kitchens

in kitchen design, there is a most basic concept is "triangular workspace". For example, the ideal location of the sink, console and stove is a triangle with a distance of no more than one meter. However, in the long and narrow kitchen, such a design may not be able to achieve. The most suitable layout is probably a zigzag and L-shaped layout, and the layout is determined according to personal daily operation procedures

decoration effect drawing of more small kitchens

the more small kitchens, the easier it is to give people a feeling of clutter. That's because there is not enough storage space, and all things have to be placed outside. However, in a small kitchen, some elastic storage spaces are precious. Make good use of them, and the effect may be very different. For example, you can install a wall shelf between the ground cabinet and the hanging cabinet, place the disinfection cabinet, microwave oven, or install laminates, hooks, storage plates, cups, condiment bottles, shovels, spoons, so as to avoid them occupying the cabinet table

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