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For those who pursue introverted and ancient beauty, if they want to decorate, the best choice is Chinese classics, which has its unique advantages. Compared with the European style, its price is much higher, and this style is not easy to be out of date. The following Xiaobian takes you to have a look. Vanke international owners have successfully built Chinese Classic 4 rooms with 80000 yuan

owner's decoration files: Decoration community: Vanke International (more Vanke international decoration effect drawings) decoration house type: 4 rooms and 2 halls decoration cost: half a package of 50000-100000 decoration style: Chinese classical decoration company: (decoration bidding, decoration map)

the living room is relatively spacious, the overall effect is very good, and the tea table of the log adds a sense of antiquity

this one is great. It has a simple and elegant style. If you sit down and have a rest after working hard, your mood will be much better

editor's comments: the owner of this scheme has a high evaluation. Both the design and the soft clothing collocation at home in the later stage are refreshing. Do you still want to see other decoration renderings? Sign up for the decoration bidding quickly, get 3 decoration effect schemes for free, and let professional designers help you design schemes for free. Free on-site room measurement




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