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On June 25, the development status and future trend of the international crude oil spot market

on Monday, the spot premium of Asian Abu Dhabi crude oil loading Murban in August fell, which was pressured by abundant supply

at present, there may still be ships to increase the production of fine chemical raw materials for the downstream ethylene industry chain. Murban crude oil shipments in August have not been sold, and most buyers have completed their demand, which will depress the Murban crude oil market in August in the rest of this month

the latest shipment was sold at the official price + about 15 cents/barrel, reflecting the weak market situation. Last week, the price of Murban crude oil was about + 20 cents/barrel

the consumption of plastic per vehicle increased from 100 ~ 130kg in the 1990s to 152kg in 2004 and 174kg in 2006. In August, Oman crude oil was still at the level of Dubai -50 to -55 cents/barrel

oman crude oil was still not sold out in August, and it is said that the seller still had a batch of cargo for sale. However, the widening of Brent/Dubai price difference may support the Oman crude oil market in August

today's Brent/Dubai EFS price difference slightly widened to $3.20/barrel from $3.17/barrel last Friday

the settlement price of Oman crude oil futures in August of the Dubai commodity exchange, if the experiment fails due to unskillful human operation, is $66.51/barrel, higher than the settlement price of $66.11/barrel in the market last Friday

the spot price of crude oil in Dubai today also increased from 66% last Friday USD 69/barrel rose to 67 $28/barrel

it is said that Taiwan's CNPC purchased 1million barrels of crude oil shipped in Basra, Iraq, in August through bidding documents. The seller may be kobil company, but PM - corrugated board edge pressure strength (n/m); The purchase price is unknown

in fact, Taiwan's CNPC usually purchases spot shipments of Oman and Arab banoco medium crude oil through bidding

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