Don't press the goods any more. The dealer is crus

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Stop pressing the goods, the dealer is crushed

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core tip: dealers have successful reports, some are financial collapse, and the capital chain is broken; More importantly, the collapse of confidence can control the vertical and horizontal offset and change of piers. If the dealers fail to make profits for two consecutive years, their confidence will collapse

[China Packaging News] dealers collapsed, some were financial collapse, and the capital chain was broken; More is the collapse of confidence. If the dealers fail to make profits for two consecutive years, their confidence will collapse

where is the profit of dealers? Is the sales volume declining too much? In fact, the decline in sales is not large, and some industries only show signs of decline

what really affects the dealers' profits is the pressure on goods, which has wiped out the dealers' profits. Only by controlling goods can this problem be solved

in the past, with the increase of sales volume, the profit will increase. Pressing goods is just different. Even if the sales volume increases, the profit will decline

pressed goods. In the years of sales growth, terminals digested and consumers bought. When sales stop growing, pressing goods will not only not digest, but also lose gross profit

because of the pressure on goods, local dealers, which are difficult to digest, began to fleeing goods. Some dealers with circulation advantages (such as central cities) fleeing goods is very simple, especially when the "provincial agent" is popular again, especially when B2B e-commerce is looking for sources of goods everywhere

fleeing goods not only affects the dealers' own profits, but also affects the profits of surrounding dealers because of low prices, which makes terminals lose trust in dealers

because of the pressure on goods, dealers have to increase their promotional efforts. In fact, increasing sales promotion is also a waste of effort, because no matter how strong it is, it is difficult for the terminal to digest. Now it is not a year of growth, and the sales volume can not be pressed by pressing goods

due to the pressure of goods, temporary goods have to be recycled every month, especially short-term insurance products, and the disposal of temporary products will lose profits

if pressing goods in the past can bring growth, pressing goods now will do more harm than good

because of the pressure on goods, the relationship between manufacturers, and the relationship between dealers and terminals have been distorted, the only way to solve the current problem is to control goods

some people may say that even if the core problem is the dealer's profit, the manufacturer can solve it by giving the dealer more profit space. Why control the goods? I don't think that the increase of manufacturers' investment can solve this problem. As long as we continue to press the goods, the manufacturers' investment will also be used to digest and press the goods. Only by controlling the goods can we solve the profit problem of dealers from the mechanism

how to control the goods

in the past two years, as long as you go deep into the terminal, you will find that the relationship between most dealers and the terminal has deteriorated compared with that five years ago. If the manufacturer is still like a few years ago, as soon as the salesperson goes to the dealer, he will be straight to the point to purchase goods and make payment. Such an ultimate result will only cause tension between the manufacturer and the dealer, and even break up. Therefore, in 2018, the manufacturer will do a good job in terminal dredging under the condition of ensuring the control of goods. The manufacturer should first digest and then deliver goods, just like "Dayu flood control", not blocking but dredging

it is only the wishful thinking of the salesperson to press out the sales volume with pressing goods. The right solution is to solve the profit problem by controlling goods and mobilize the enthusiasm of dealers with profits

as long as the control of goods solves the dealer's profit problem, the dealer will definitely focus on your products if the machine is in standby mode. After all, there are not many products that can bring profits to the dealer now. As long as the dealer focuses on your products, will the sales volume still be a problem

after the goods are well controlled, there is only one good product left. A good product from a manufacturer that does not press goods is the first choice for dealers to make profits

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