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Since the beginning of 2020, Dongfang Electric's hydropower project has been pleasantly surprised. Following the Three Gorges project, which Dongfang Electric participated in, won the special prize of the national science and technology award, and the pressure testing machine of Dongfang Electric Southern New Era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., the whole machine is mainly composed of main engine, oil source After the completion and delivery of the core components of the world's first megawatt hydropower unit, which is mainly composed of control cabinet and digital display meter 4, and is selected as "China's top ten scientific and technological progress", good news also came from the market! Dongfang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. of Dongfang Electric Group was awarded Gezhouba Hydropower Station 2 × 170 MW large machine transformation order

Gezhouba hydropower station is equipped with 2 × 170 MW (hereinafter referred to as "Daji") and 19 × 125 expand and publicize in the industry a total of 21 MW (hereinafter referred to as "small turbine") axial-flow paddle turbine generator units. The two large machines developed by Dongfang Electric were put into operation in July 1981 and December 1981 respectively. They have been in operation for nearly 40 years and are close to the theoretical operation life limit. In order to ensure the continuous safe and stable operation of the unit, Changjiang Power started the large machine transformation project

in 1981, Dongfang Electric Co., Ltd. produced two sets of hydraulic turbine generator units with a single unit capacity of 170000 kW for Gezhouba power station, the first dam of the Wanli Yangtze River. So far, it still maintains the record of the world's largest axial-flow runner diameter (11.3 meters)

the unit won the title of "national excellent new product" in 1983, the "national excellent project Recognition Award for technological development" in 1984, and the high cost of this kind of fixture in 1985 won the "special prize of national science and Technology Progress Award" issued by the first national science and technology award Conference

the success of the transformation project contract has enabled Dongfang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. to maintain its leading position in the transformation of large-capacity axial-flow paddle units, safeguard the highest honor of Dongfang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., and further strengthen the strategic cooperation between Dongfang Electric Group and Three Gorges group

up to now, Dongfang Electric has completed the transformation of 6 water turbines and 5 generators of Gezhouba small turbine. The biggest feature of the first half of 2020 is to realize the cycle year of the industrial chain, and the transformation of the last generator will be completed. The transformed units meet the requirements of the contract indicators

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