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Hand in hand with Lovol Valley God, there is no need to worry about getting rich

when entering the wheat harvest season every year, the kind of tight rush, slow rush, day and night non-stop work method seems to be in front of you, even if it takes a little time, it may lead to ripe grain falling to the ground; Or in rainy weather, the farmers in the field will not be able to harvest. 2. The characteristics of the rubber tensile strength testing machine will affect the progress of the wheat harvest... These scenes will be vivid to you? At this time, for the majority of machine operators, "fast" is more than everything, and Lovol Valley God ge80s-h harvester is a star product created by Lovol apos agricultural equipment

"I have been in contact with harvesters since 2010. All agricultural machines in my family are Lovol's. Lovol is trustworthy. I am Lovol's' iron powder '. Whenever Lovol comes out with a new model, I want to have it at the first time." This is the heartfelt words of master Jia, a user of agricultural machinery in Gaoqing County, Shandong Province, "Lovol Valley God ge80s-h runs fast, collects clean, and has high work efficiency! As a cross region operation user, we have to race against time, time is money, and this harvester is exactly what I need."

master Jia touched the car body and said: "Lovol Valley God has excellent work performance and low failure rate. Since using Lovol products, my income has increased significantly every year. After using Lovol, I have also led a life of 'having a house, a car and a deposit'. This year, in order to start this car at the first time, I lined up for several days and finally 'pocketed it'. With this car, my dream of becoming rich this year will surely come true!" Master Jia added

in fact, the product in master Jia's hand has been put into the domestic key pen industry companies to realize the mass production of this Lovol Ceres ge80s-h harvester, which is no longer strictly a "new product". As early as "the seventh model in 2019: Wes (3) 00B China Agricultural machinery high end Forum (CaiF 2019) and 2018 China Agricultural machinery annual top50+ award ceremony", Lovol Ceres ge80s-h with its 4 High speed circuit protector: it protects the market performance of heating circuit color and won the "market leading Award"

"speaking of the advantages of Lovol Ceres ge80s-h, there are too many. I was surprised by a series of improvements, such as the appearance upgrade, the elimination of the middle frame of the windscreen in the cab, and the wider vision. There are also many upgrades in configuration and details, which are countless. Only those who have driven it personally can deeply experience these improvements and advantages." As a senior cross district user, master Jia's description of this car is clear and correct

the Lovol patented combined drum used by this Lovol Ceres ge80s-h has a length of 7% higher than that of similar products, which greatly improves the threshing and separation effect, greatly reduces the grain damage rate, enhances the drum strength, and is more reliable to use; Lovol patented technology is also used in the cleaning load regulation device, which can reduce the entrainment loss when harvesting wet crops, and reduce the cleaning loss when harvesting dry crops, so as to meet the different needs of users under different working conditions; This model is equipped with 175 high horsepower famous engine, which has stronger power. It adopts a new filtration system, and the engine has a longer service life; Increase the power output pulley, the main clutch belt and the quadruple belt are upgraded from cloth wrapped belt to toothed belt, which greatly improves the power transmission capacity and wear resistance, and has high reliability; The wide body bridge is adopted, the feeding is smooth, the separation is clean, the overall speed of the header is increased by 10%, and the conveying is faster, which is suitable for the harvesting operation of a variety of yield and density crops; The elevator is widened, the grain lifting capacity is increased by 12.5%, and the lifting is smooth and not easy to be blocked; The overall structure of the screen box is optimized to reduce the wear of the screen shaft and the loss of wheat; The height of the thickened and heightened grain unloading cylinder can reach 3 meters, and the unloading speed can be increased by 30%. The design of large inclination steering wheel is adopted, and the turning radius is reduced by 20% compared with similar products. The steering is flexible. The special steering gear is adopted, and the steering force is reduced by 30%. The operation is more labor-saving, bringing users a new experience of high-speed, efficient and comfortable rush harvest operation

it is understood that Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment has always adhered to the concept of "customer-centered", and continues to output high-quality and efficient agricultural mechanization products for users. With the continuous rise of the overall strength of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment, it will continue to contribute more to promoting agricultural development

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