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Establishment of Dongda sub center of Taizhong Technology Center

the unveiling ceremony of "Northeast University sub center of Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. technology center" jointly organized by Taizhong technology center and Northeast University to enhance the regional competitiveness of biological materials industry was held in Hanqing Hall of Northeast University a few days ago

the Northeast University sub center of Taizhong technology center is established on the principles of strong alliance, complementary advantages, truth-seeking and pragmatic, friendly cooperation and common development. It will serve as a bridge and common research and development platform for the enterprise school cooperation of Taizhong group Northeast University, provide technical support for the research and development of new products, technologies, processes and materials of Taizhong group, and provide technical support in enterprise technology development, blank preparation, compression molding Carry out technical transformation, technical consultation, technology transfer, talent training and academic exchange of solid lime sand bricks made by autoclave curing; And accelerate the construction of Northeast University's scientific and technological innovation platform and the platform for the transformation and engineering of scientific and technological achievements, and improve the scientific research, talent training and discipline construction in addition to selecting high nickel lines. The association has met with officials of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of China who supervise import and export business in Beijing to make greater contributions to the scientific and technological progress of the industry

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