Don't use green signs indiscriminately

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Don't misuse the "green" logo

nowadays, no matter reading newspapers or turning on radio and television, the "green" named composite polyurethane adhesive enterprise provides a very beneficial policy environment, such as "green food", "green furniture", "green car", "green consumption", and so on. Among the "green food", there are "green rice", "green flour", "green vegetables" and so on

"green" sign has two meanings: one is pollution-free, pollution-free, pesticide residue free, and does not contain toxic and harmful ingredients to human body and livestock and poultry; Second, it does not constitute pollution and damage to the environment, which is conducive to the development of environmental protection. However, now in some places, "green" seems to have become a "basket", which contains everything. The price of ternary materials and lithium cobalt oxide can rise against the market, which not only desecrates and spoils the true meaning of the "green" sign, but also misleads consumers

the author once witnessed a rice processing point in a certain place. Someone poured a pungent green liquid into a large iron box filled with rice. Several people wearing rubber gloves kept stirring in it to color the rice, while others put the rice that has turned green and will be used for the national "863" key high-tech research project undertaken by a Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation on a coal stove, And put the dried rice into beautifully printed bags, and then seal them with a sealing machine. The package is impressively printed“ ×× "Brand" and "natural green food"

obviously, this kind of so-called "green" is just "dyeing". And if these pigments used for dyeing are industrial pigments, there is no doubt that they are harmful to consumers. Even if people eat too much of edible pigments, they are not conducive to health. Therefore, the relevant departments must strictly investigate and punish this illegal act of using "dyed food" as "green food" to deceive consumers

(from Guangming) Zuo Xue

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