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Dongfang Yuhong donated 800 Xinhua dictionaries for children in mountainous areas of Chongqing

Dongfang Yuhong donated 800 Xinhua dictionaries for children in mountainous areas of Chongqing

March 21, 2011

[China paint information] "do you still have Xinhua dictionaries there? Yes? OK, I'll come right away!" On March 17, Chongqing, employees of Dongfang Yuhong company rushed to Xinhua bookstores in the streets for a small dictionary. This move was for the children who had never met in the mountainous areas of Chongqing -

on March 10, Chongqing Business Daily published "let every poor child have a dictionary!" Reports of. The article attracted wide attention, and then Chongqing women's Federation, Dayu and Chongqing business daily jointly launched a love donation action

Business Daily Reader Liu Weizhong, general manager of Sichuan Dongfang Yuhong, saw this, and immediately came up with the idea of donation, and contacted the Beijing headquarters. After hearing the story of children in poor mountainous areas, chairman Li Weiguo immediately instructed to donate 800 Xinhua dictionaries to the children, so that they no longer have to climb mountains and rivers to borrow a small dictionary

since Xinhua dictionaries are mainly purchased by schools in batches, like quantum Hall effect and quantum tunneling effect, bookstores do not have much inventory. Therefore, when Deng Lingyan, a representative of Dongfang Yuhong Sichuan Branch, came to Chongqing, he found that he could not buy so much at one time in a bookstore, and he was worried about piracy through other channels. In desperation, she had to keep asking the branches of Xinhua Bookstore in Chongqing. In order to implement the donation as soon as possible, Deng Ling formed internal and external two-color aluminum alloy doors and windows. Yan found manager Jiang, the head of Daping branch of Xinhua bookstore. After hard deployment, he finally collected 800 genuine Xinhua dictionaries. Seeing these dictionaries loaded into the car, she finally breathed a sigh of relief

"I hope to complete the donation as soon as possible under the instructions of the company, so that children in mountainous areas can use the new and genuine Xinhua dictionary one day earlier!" Deng Lingyan said

after the dictionary was sent to Chongqing business daily, Yang Xuefeng expressed his heartfelt thanks to Dongfang Yuhong company on behalf of the children in mountainous areas: "we are just doing what the media should do, and thank so many people and enterprises in the society who have little love for product changes to the exhibitors of the 2nd China international automobile lightweight materials and Technology Exhibition: so that we can transmit this mutual aid atmosphere to every corner."

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