Don't use all the wires in the hottest new house.

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Don't use all the wires in your new house with 2.5 flat lines. It's too stupid to turn on the air conditioner and trip after you check in.

News: in the hot summer, it's cool to be in the air-conditioned room, of course. Thinking of the days when you were still in school a few years ago, there was no air conditioner in the dormitory at all, and only two electric fans that can shake your head were installed on the roof, and the upper berth can't be blown at all. It's tolerable when summer comes. After a while, it's just like being in a big fire stove, It's too hot to sleep at night. At that time, the most expected thing is to go home quickly and enjoy the time with air conditioning. But what's more painful is that the air conditioner in the home can't be turned on, and it trips as soon as it is turned on. Later, from 1988 to now, I heard the electrician say that it was their own wires that didn't work. In the end, "it was the workers who made problems with the wiring at home in order to save trouble during the original decoration!"! Don't use 2.5 flat wires for all wires in your new house. After you check in, the air conditioner also trips. It's really too much water that plays a role in cooling the samples

the reason why there is a trip at home is that the voltage at home is not enough to withstand high-power electrical appliances, and the air conditioner is one of them. Especially in the hottest time, the refrigerator at home is also turned on, and the air conditioner should also be turned on. The air conditioner installed in the living room needs more than 2 horses. Because of the workers' Jerry built work at the beginning, the wires that cannot meet the standard, that is, the 2.5 square meters of wires used, And the whole house uses this kind of wire

after all, we are not electricians, and we don't know much about electricity. Here, let's popularize it. Air conditioners are high-power, with a year-on-year increase of 10% to 20%. The required range is between 1 and 3 horses, and its power consumption will not exceed 3000 watts. In this case, 2.5 square wires are also within this range and can be used, but why do a series of problems occur

although the required range of the air conditioner is within the range of 2.5 square meters of wires, there will still be problems, mainly because it generates a large current at the moment of opening. Although the wire can withstand this situation, it will heat up. If it is heated for a long time, it will damage the wires and cause tripping. Danger

therefore, we are not recommended to use 2.5 square meters of wires. In order to ensure sufficient safety, it is best to use 4 square meters of wires. We must pay attention to the design when decorating. If it is a hardbound room, we should also ask the electrician to check whether it is qualified again. If it is unqualified, it is best to replace the original wires. After all, our health is related, and safety is the most important

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