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Fruits and vegetables should not be stored in plastic bags

vegetables and fruits should not be stored in plastic bags

vegetables and fruits should be stored in plastic bags, which is a commonly used scientific fresh-keeping method

its principle is to reduce the concentration of hypoxia, increase the concentration of carbon dioxide, make vegetables and fruits in a dormant state, and extend the storage period. However, the storage time should not be too long

because vegetables and fruits are organic food, they contain high water content (60%--95%), and contain water-soluble nutrients and enzymes. During the whole storage period, there is still strong respiratory activity. In general, for every 10 degrees Celsius rise, the error is generally expressed as a double of negative differential absorption intensity. Under aerobic conditions, sugars or other organic substances in fruits and vegetables are oxidized and decomposed, producing carbon dioxide and water, and releasing a large amount of maturity; Under the condition of lack of nutrition, sugars cannot have an in-depth understanding of the basic structure and operation steps of the equipment, but can only decompose to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide, and release a small amount of heat

however, the concentration of carbon dioxide cannot rise indefinitely, but can only increase by 10%. The decrease of oxygen concentration should not exceed 5%. Otherwise, Guoshu must decompose more nutrients in order to obtain enough energy for life activities in the absence of oxygen. At the same time, the alcohol produced by hypoxia breathing will remain in Guoshu, which will cause Guoshu to rot and deteriorate, so the storage time of fruits and vegetables in plastic bags should not be too long

if you want to store fruits and vegetables in plastic bags, please don't be afraid of trouble. Open the mouth of the plastic bag every two or three days to release carbon dioxide and heat, and then tie the mouth, which will reduce the occurrence of decay and deterioration

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