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Xtools' statistical data shows that: how to mine small data

why should enterprises pay more attention to small data

1. The core data of most enterprises is actually CRM data (except that CRM has not been deployed or deployed but failed), peripheral data such as personnel lists and interactive information in online and offline activities have not been synchronized to CRM, and social media data such as your users' speeches on social software, Whether you interact with him and other channels' data, and these peripheral and other channels' data (for example, you increase the pressure of food suppliers, can you obtain other platforms to purchase product a and related data) are extremely important in big data analysis, and gradually eliminate varieties with high quality and safety risks. At this stage, small and medium-sized enterprises can not obtain

2. Big data presents a conclusion, a prediction, a specific data percentage, It advocates letting data speak. It cannot present a complete story for people like small data and know how things turn out like this (cause and effect). Small data and big data need a proper combination point to maximize value.

3. Mining big data requires data scientists, statisticians, big data technical engineers, Bi analysis and im analysis teams Data managers, analysts and other top-notch functional personnel, and can not be obtained through short-term rapid training, not to mention the entire market, this kind of talent is facing a huge gap, in short supply. At the same time, the storage and security maintenance of data also need additional costs, so it is still left to bat to explore big data technology

4. Big data is a collection of countless small data. If you can't have a comprehensive insight into small data, you can only ha ha in the face of huge data, or you can hand it over to a third-party institution to issue an analysis report without lack of money. Big data is like the precise body of the human body. When human beings can't understand it, they can only start from a small part of the body to study the development trend of specialization, high performance and green environmental protection of household appliances, and finally summarize it. If there is no experience and methodology of in-depth research on small parts, I'm sorry, I can't recognize the whole

5. All kinds of small data are around. It is often human nature to turn a blind eye. Otherwise, everyone can discover gravitation like Newton

small data refers to the data or information within people's ability or with the help of some free statistical tools that can insight into new business opportunities and have value, mainly including the data in the enterprise CRM system (accounting for a large proportion), as well as the data analyzed by Google, the analysis charts in the official account and other data that can be analyzed

general idea of data mining

first, clarify your motivation -- what are you doing? This directly involves what levels of data you need, who you need to contact and get their help. Next, the design idea -- how to play with data. Suppose you have got the data you want, but now this pile of data has been broken up. They are no longer defined as customer complaints, renewal rate, service satisfaction, documentary cycle and other data. If it has become chaotic, you need to design what conclusions or contents you need to get from this pile of data based on your motivation. Because data can deceive people to some extent, and smart people need to know the essence behind it through the surface of data. For example, from all the complaint lists of CRM, we need to have an insight into the needs of customers. These complaints mainly include whether the product function itself, service ability, response time solve the problem, and complaints about other families, such as the function of so and so on. These data contents need to be classified, and the complaint contents belonging to product needs should be analyzed, and gradually expand the data range, such as going to the customer site Let sales customer service feedback, market research, etc. collect customer needs and make documents in this way; One thing that needs to be paid attention to is to find some relevant information in the data, and the context will gradually become clear

what can data mining achieve in CRM system

crm action history can restore the merchandising ideas of business personnel

Jixin recording can know the business ability of business personnel

Jixin recording energy supervision service system

integrating data can mine customer needs

analyze the characteristics of product audience through CRM customer purchase records

analyze potential product audiences through CRM customer purchase records and carry out precise market launch activities

a customers follow orders successfully, and the experience is saved. Go to follow more a customers, and so on (I think this is the magic of CRM)

predict the trend through CRM product sales statistics and reasonably arrange mass production

while using CRM system to make enterprise business process, intelligent and refined, it brings more to everyone who uses it -- it will make a person have many kinds of thinking, which is difficult to achieve with a single training. When our original methods and tools cannot produce productivity, we should reflect on our thinking and look for broader ideas. Join CRM, drive into the Internet + fast lane, and feel the fierce collision between thinking and action. Every moment is new. Xtools began in 2004. For more information, please visit the official station or call the 400 hotline:

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