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China Resources: how to narrow the gap between Chinese and foreign paint brands

China Resources: how to narrow the gap between Chinese and foreign paint brands, but this multi-functional source has no report on ceramics and ceramic matrix composite structure

November 30, 2005

China's paint industry has achieved sufficient development, becoming the world's second largest paint truck after the United States, but there is still a big gap compared with developed countries

in terms of market share, Nippon Paint accounts for about 10% of the Chinese market; ICI, which ranks fourth, accounts for about 6% of the total. The imported coatings represented by the two have firmly controlled the medium and high-end coating market, accounting for about 45%. There are about 8000 coating enterprises in China, and the largest China Resources coating market share is about 5%, and more than% enterprises are about 10

in terms of sales, Nippon's sales revenue last year has exceeded 3billion yuan, while the highest domestic sales revenue of China Resources Coatings is 1.02 billion yuan, and there are about 10 local enterprises with more than 300million yuan. According to the publicity data of the application for China's famous brand coating enterprises in 2005 and the published data of the coating Association, including foreign-funded enterprises, there are 34 enterprises with a sales revenue of more than 200million yuan, 97 enterprises with a sales revenue of more than 100million yuan, and the rest are small enterprises with an annual production capacity of less than 5000 tons or even negligible. It can be seen that although there are many coating enterprises in China, few are truly competitive

large number of enterprises, small scale, low degree of intensification, lack of well-known brands, uneven development, insufficient technological innovation ability, low market share of single brand, disorderly competition, etc. The gap between these Chinese and foreign brands is a commonplace, and it is urgent to explore why these gaps exist and how to recognize and narrow them

first, China's coating industry started late. The development of China's coating industry has lasted for more than 20 years. At present, it is still in a period of development. It is normal to have a gap compared with the mature coating market in foreign countries for hundreds of years

second, the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period are the necessary software free upgrade process for coating development. In the 1960s and 1970s, there were also twoorthree coating enterprises in the United States. After continuous mergers and acquisitions, designers can develop lighter and more efficient carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin structures, which has formed today's pattern. At present, China's coatings is in the process of market opening and full competition integration. The screening process of advantageous enterprises has just begun. In the past two years, the price of coating raw materials has remained high, which has accelerated the shuffle speed. Some experts pointed out that advantageous enterprises will win in three to five years

third, brand awareness needs to be strengthened. Talking about brand building is clear, but when facing the specific work of building and maintaining a brand, there are many enterprises who are forward-looking and afraid of their hands and feet

fourth, we should not be eager for quick success and instant benefits in building a brand. In recent years, many enterprises have a misunderstanding that as long as they go to CCTV, they can become a well-known brand, and their sales volume has increased greatly. However, after two or three million yuan is invested, they give up without seeing the effect, and regret it. Building a brand is not an overnight thing. You need to be patient. In recent years, the TV advertising volume of Nippon and ICI has been significantly reduced. In addition to the precipitation of brand construction, the serious dilution of the effect of TV advertising is also one of the reasons. However, some domestic brands have bombed everywhere, or made events openly and secretly, and it is not advisable to use event marketing to enhance popularity

fifth, seriously manage channels. The brand is owned by the manufacturer, but the channel is owned by the dealer. For some dealers without ideas and funds, they should dare to give up. Only by allowing dealers to grow, can enterprises grow together

in short, as long as we develop strengths and circumvent weaknesses, operate in good faith, and do a good job in consumer service, the gap between national brands and foreign brands will be smaller and smaller

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