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How to occupy the commanding height of the market in the rush of IOT spring tide

facing the rush of IOT spring tide, what are the advantages and disadvantages of traditional security enterprises? What are the threats? How can security enterprises seize the opportunity and seize the commanding height of the market

facing the overwhelming IOT security business opportunities, everyone has a kind of distress: do not know where to cut in and how to cut in

the emergence of the concept of IOT is not a new concept that fell from the sky out of thin air, but on the basis of the original information technology, due to the progress of science and technology, information technology has reached a new distillation. If the information technology does not reach a certain scale and level, it is impossible to talk about the realization of IOT

the core technology of IOT, whether at home or abroad, is still in the stage of research and development, and there is still a long way to go from large-scale application. The large-scale application of IOT mainly depends on whether consumers can recognize its feasibility and whether IOT can be used to improve work efficiency and quality of life. Only by truly solving the problems that users must solve, can we in turn promote the development of technology. If consumers cannot accept it, IOT will be difficult to form an industrial chain

the advantage of the security industry is that the concept of IOT is not very clear, but compared with the IOT framework, security can solve local problems. Sensing, video and GPS in security are the core technologies of IOT industry, and have been preliminarily applied. We also need to raise IOT from ordinary sensing and transmission to the intelligent level, especially in the context of Ping'an City, the installation of a large number of video devices has formed the front-end video perception, including the later upgraded smart city is also inseparable from security devices

in the era of safe city, the security industry is aimed at special businesses, which are only partially interconnected and shared. For example, we are in a public security system, a public security branch or 5 The angle system adopts double acting servo cylinder and is fixed on the base of the vertical host The double acting servo cylinder, angle plate, ball club and support seat constitute the angle system According to the samples of different sizes, the length of the spherical rod can be changed to meet the experimental requirements of different specimen thicknesses It is a traffic police detachment. It only realizes the collection of information in its own administrative jurisdiction, including the application of some information. Because of such construction principles and guidelines, the system is self-contained and it is difficult to communicate with each other. The traffic management bureau also has many systems, which are independent. After the construction, we can find that there are many cameras and detection equipment. These devices may not be related to each other and belong to the same department, but they are not an organic whole

a common feature of security for industrial applications is that the construction ideas are vertical, that is, to define the principles of construction by an industry or a user. Therefore, in the image information collection and acquisition 2017 China Belarus new material industry seminar and China Belarus industrial park new material project docking meeting, the Belarusian Academy of Sciences, China Belarus Industrial Park Management Committee The Sino white Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. was co hosted in Beijing, which was highly targeted and lacked interoperability, interconnection and intelligent analysis

digital city is to make full use of digital information processing technology and network communication technology in urban planning, construction and operation management, including all aspects of urban production and life, integrate and make full use of various information resources in the city, and provide more perfect services and convenience for government offices, enterprise production and operation and residents' life. The digital city will gradually realize the up-down connection and horizontal interconnection of national, provincial and municipal geographic information resources, and basically build a digital China composed of one (global positioning integrated service), one map (national basic scale topographic map) and one platform (National Geographic Information Public Service Platform). In the coming period, the state will select 30 to 50 cities every year to be included in the digital city promotion plan, and strive to basically complete the construction of digital cities in prefecture level cities and some county-level cities by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan

Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of land and resources planning completed the main project of the space platform and put it into trial operation in 2009. After more than a year of application and promotion, more than 30 government departments, including emergency command, environmental protection, industry and commerce, have successively accessed the platform through internal, external and offline services, and achieved preliminary application results. The official opening of the space platform truly achieved the goal of serving the whole city with basic geographic information, and successfully took the first step in the construction of digital Shenzhen

in the digital city, video surveillance plays an important role. As the eye of the city digital map, it will systematically serve all government departments based on the information platform. In the past, video surveillance management software was aimed at a small map. Through the construction of digital city, all eyes were linked together and displayed on the big map of the national geographic information public service platform. Video surveillance also entered the digital era to meet the needs of digital city, so as to effectively solve the problem of information island in the era of safe city

the smart city in the 21st century will be an upgraded version of the digital city. By making full use of information and communication technology means to sense, analyze and integrate the key information of the core system of urban operation, it will make intelligent responses to various needs, including people's livelihood, environmental protection, public safety, urban services, industrial and commercial activities, and create a better urban life for mankind

smart cities have four characteristics: comprehensive IOT, full integration, incentive innovation, and collaborative operation. As the eyes of the whole smart city, video surveillance and other sensing devices are equivalent to the nerve endings of the smart city. When the event triggers the nerve endings, the authenticity of the event is confirmed through the eyes, and governments at all levels can quickly and accurately handle it through the information platform. Therefore, security services have become one of the 49 services that South Korea's smart city construction meets. Through the construction of smart cities, Samsung SDS (integrating the mode assumption of u-city + it + green to create a u-eco city) and LG CNS (proposing the development guidelines of improving the health, safety, convenience, comfort, sustainability and other future livable cities of the city) POSCO ICT (provides services such as cooperation with portal stations, security, medical treatment, education, integrated management and control and other professional enterprises, and planning the construction of u-city business platform)

in a word, the security system products conform to the three-tier architecture of IOT perception layer, network layer and application layer. The recently booming video intelligent analysis technology and high-definition video technology can fully reflect the characteristics of IOT comprehensive perception and intelligent processing. We are also looking forward to taking new steps in the construction of digital cities and smart cities in the future. Its functions are irreplaceable. No matter how the market changes, there is a place for security technology and products

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