How to mobilize PDM implementation

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How to mobilize PDM implementation

PDM implementation is an important link in enterprise information construction. The implementation of PDM will bring great changes to the management concept of enterprises, change some business processes of enterprises, and change the working mode and working requirements of relevant jobs in some enterprises. Therefore, enterprises not only need to invest a lot of manpower, material resources and time in implementing PDM, but also need to cooperate closely with PDM software implementers and even some other management consulting partners in the implementation process. Therefore, in order for the PDM implementation to proceed smoothly, achieve the desired purpose, and finally achieve success, at the beginning of the implementation, the enterprise needs to mobilize before the PDM implementation. When implementing mobilization, we need to convey some necessary information to the enterprise. This information can be summed up in two aspects, one is from the implementer, the other is from the leadership of the enterprise. The implementer needs to convey more information to the enterprise,

mainly includes the following aspects:

1 The concept of PDM. According to national conditions, except for some leaders of the enterprise, other employees of the enterprise are often unfamiliar with the concept of PDM. Therefore, when mobilizing, we should first tell you what PDM is, how it came into being, to what extent it has developed, and the relationship between PDM and the overall construction of enterprise informatization. The introduction here should be combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, not too much from the definition and text, but should be explained in more vivid language or examples. If you can combine a specific case to introduce, see, touch and feel, the effect is the best. Finally, the employees of the enterprise can form a preliminary concept about PDM

2. Combined with the enterprise's own situation, introduce to the enterprise staff the changes that will be brought to the enterprise after the implementation of PDM. Because there are fundamental differences between PDM and the current enterprise management in some management concepts and methods, there will be some fundamental changes in some aspects after the implementation of PDM, such as the transformation from paper-based data management to electronic data management, the redefinition of enterprise bottom map, blueprint and white map, and the transformation from manual review to network review. Because these changes will lead to changes in the working mode and requirements of some positions in the enterprise, such as the adjustment of some positions. We should clarify these possible situations to the enterprise, or explain this possibility clearly, so that when we encounter similar situations in the implementation, the enterprise and its employees will not be surprised. Because when carrying out project mobilization, there is often no more detailed enterprise situation research. If so, it is more difficult to make some more detailed predictions. At this time, we need to do more forward-looking introductions. When making this part of the introduction, we need to remind that we should avoid giving employees a one-sided impression. For example, after the implementation of PDM, many jobs will be optimized and many employees will be unemployed

this understanding has been proved wrong by many informatization projects. It is an indisputable fact that information construction will optimize the business process of enterprises. However, while adjusting some posts, some posts will be added, which is also a common phenomenon. Therefore, we must pay attention not to leave such a one-sided impression on enterprise employees

3. Matters needing attention during implementation. The implementers have accumulated a lot of experience in the implementation work, some of which are even lessons. For the smooth implementation in the future, it is very important to highlight these areas that need special attention. Most enterprises have no similar experience and are often at a loss for such a new thing. Many examples have proved that this matter is not handled well. If the matter that should be explained to the enterprise is not clear, it will inevitably cause entangled problems in the future. For example, leaders attach importance to the issue, which is a very important issue in the information construction. The construction of enterprise informatization is known as the "number one project", which is a consensus and no doubt! But how should the "top leaders" support it? This is a problem that needs to be explained clearly in advance. What are the stages of PDM implementation, what human and material resources are needed in each stage, and what resources are needed? These need to be clearly communicated, and the rights and responsibilities are clear to people. Only then can the enterprise leadership prepare these resources in advance. Otherwise, during the specific operation, the enterprise often cannot take out these resources at once, and the project implementation is forced to be postponed, "leadership support" will become empty words

4. It is necessary to introduce the overall outline and implementation methods of the project implementation to the enterprise, including stage division, stage objectives, stage tasks, and generally required resources. Since there is often no detailed research on enterprises at this time, the overall outline of project implementation at this time needs to be elaborated by the implementer in combination with previous implementation cases and implementation experience. Some experienced PDM implementers have summarized their implementation experience into a certain implementation methodology. At this time, we need to introduce the outline of their implementation methodology to you clearly. Of course, there will be many contents of the implementation methodology, and it may also be necessary to arrange personnel to carry out special training in order to promote the green development of the automotive industry, so that the implementation project can start smoothly according to the requirements of the implementation methodology

after understanding the information conveyed by PDM implementers to the enterprise, the enterprise leadership needs to convey to the enterprise employees the enterprise decision on the implementation of PDM as the top priority of implementing the innovation driven development strategy. According to the different conditions of enterprises, the methods are flexible and diverse, but basically include the following:

1 The determination of the leadership. Before and after the implementation of PDM, some working models will fall from the highest 50000 tons in history to 10000-20000 tons. During the implementation of PDM, there will be a lot of data collation work. Therefore, the implementation of PDM will definitely have some conflicts with the current work. Enterprise leaders should tell everyone what to do in case of conflict

2. PDM implements the personnel arrangement of the work and can complete the three-stage control of force, deformation and displacement in one experiment. PDM implementation will certainly encounter many problems. In fact, this is not terrible. As long as the channels to solve the problems can be implemented, the problems will be solved in the implementation process. To solve the channel problem, the first problem is to implement the personnel arrangement of PDM project implementation. At this time, PDM implementers must have implemented their implementation team. Now, for enterprises, they must implement their own implementation team, especially the leading team of project implementation, and introduce the members of the team to everyone

3. Tell you the general progress of the project. The implementation of PDM should be divided into different stages, and some obvious stage marks should be set. Before the meeting, we should communicate these things clearly, translate them into the specific objectives of the enterprise, and clearly tell everyone

as for the form of PDM implementation mobilization, flexible and diverse ways and methods should be adopted according to the different situations of enterprises. For some small and medium-sized enterprises, several reports and meetings can achieve good results. For large enterprises, various forms of mobilization meetings should be organized, such as reports, demonstrations, movies, etc

in a word, if the mobilization of PDM implementation is carried out smoothly, the enterprise staff can understand the design idea of PDM, understand the implementation method of PDM, understand the idea of enterprise information construction, and actively cooperate with the implementation of PDM in the future implementation work. The effectiveness of mobilization is directly related to the process of implementation in the future. The implementation of mobilization must be highly valued by both PDM implementers and enterprises. (end)

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