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Baoding construction industry association will hold a new waterproof coating press conference

all construction, development, construction and related units:

in order to further solve the waterproof leakage problem of construction projects and improve the project quality, Baoding construction industry association is scheduled to hold a new waterproof material "self closing polymer cement waterproof coating" press conference on June 16

self closing polymer cement waterproof coating (i.e. paratex series waterproof materials) is a patented product of Japan's Daguan Chemical Industry Association. This product is a new waterproof material composed of synthetic polymer emulsion resin and inorganic materials. It has strong corrosion resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, excellent adhesion and elongation to concrete, as well as unique cracking and self closing effect and superior durability. The product is a two-component waterproof material, which can adjust the flexibility and strength according to the requirements of different engineering parts. The construction method is flexible and suitable for large samples, so it is widely applicable to all kinds of waterproof and seepage prevention projects. At the same time, the product uses water as dispersant, which overcomes the shortcomings of tar, asphalt and solvent based waterproof coatings that are easy to be polluted, and is conducive to environmental protection from the current situation

the relevant matters of the press conference are now notified as follows:

I. release content

use servo valve or proportional valve as the control element for closed-loop automatic control

1. Product implementation standards, main economic and technical indicators, and product type inspection reports above the provincial level

2. Project scope applicable to the product

3. Construction method, standard atlas, etc

4. The accreditation Filing Certificate issued by the competent construction administrative departments of Shanghai and Hebei Province after being recognized by experts

5. Introduction to representative projects (Japan, Shanghai, Tianjin, Baoding)

II. Time and place of the press conference

time: 9:00 a.m. on June 16, 2011

place: conference room on the second floor of the 113 division guest house (50 meters west of the intersection of Wusi Road and Yangguang street in Baoding)

III. participants

project leaders and engineering technical supervisors of construction, development, construction, design and supervision units; Relevant responsible personnel of the quality supervision organization and relevant personnel, etc

please send the "receipt of participants" to the mailbox of Baoding Construction Industry Association (bdjx001@) before June 15

contact with Baoding Construction Industry Association:

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June 9, 2011

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