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Leading strong limit! A number of paper enterprises issued price raising letters, and the trend of replacing plastic with paper under the prohibition order

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yesterday, a number of paper concept stocks rose to varying degrees. Chenming Paper's A-share closed at the limit, H-share closed at 14.05%, and Baiya shares, Xianhe shares and Huatai shares all rose by more than 4%

many paper enterprises have issued price increase letters

on the news, recently, leading paper enterprises including sun, Chenming, Huatai, etc. have successively issued price increase letters, raising the price of their own cultural paper by 200/ton, and the implementation cycle of the new price is scheduled for December 1. According to zhuochuang information, as of November 21, the average price of the white cardboard clearing experimental platform was 6711/ton, up 128/ton from last week. Leading paper enterprises issued price increase letters, which effectively boosted market confidence, and mainstream market prices remained stable

with the recovery of the domestic economy, the restart of the overseas economy, and the gradual recovery of the demand for finished paper, paper enterprises raised prices for many times, raising prices by 500/ton at the end of August and September respectively, and raising prices again by 300 at the end of October. At present, there is still room for paper prices to rise. Since 2007, the paper industry has experienced three rounds of boom highs, and the price of white cardboard at each round of boom highs has exceeded 7000/ton, of which the historical high is 7750/ton, and the current price still has some space from the high point

the industry is optimistic about the subsequent market of paper price. The market concentration of paper enterprises is high, and the inventory is mostly at the middle and low level. There is no inventory pressure. The downstream demand continues to recover at the end of the year, supporting the continuous rise of paper prices. Professionals believe that before the third quarter of next year, the new production capacity in the industry is difficult to be in place, the supply is still tight, and the paper price will probably maintain an upward trend. At the same time, the price of raw pulp fluctuated recently, and the price index of China's imported wood pulp continued to rise, which further supported the paper price

under the strictest plastic restriction order, the trend of replacing plastic with paper

2020 after all, leather is also another kind of rarity in the luxury industry other than jewelry. In January, China issued the strictest "plastic prohibition order" to comprehensively restrict the use of non degradable plastics. According to the opinions jointly released by the national development and Reform Commission, supermarkets, pharmacies and catering packaging and takeout services in municipalities and provincial capitals will take the lead in banning plastic from 2021. Promote the use of non plastic products such as environmental protection cloth bags, paper bags and degradable shopping bags in public places

in the context of the limited use of plastic packaging, many downstream consumer enterprises are looking for ways to replace plastic, with paper replacing plastic as an important alternative direction. White cardboard is the main product with paper instead of plastic, which can be used in the packaging of common commodities in the market, such as medicine, daily necessities, fresh milk and other liquid packaging boxes. Shenwan Hongyuan predicts that the new demand for food white cardboard brought by the plastic ban will reach 1million tons

the share price of the industry leader rose by more than 30% this month.

affected by the continuous rise in paper prices, the prosperity of the industry has recovered. Since this month, the individual stocks of the paper industry have risen well. The industry leader Chenming paper industry has increased by 31.18% since this month, and Xianhe shares and Bohui paper industry have also increased the most. The packaging auxiliary materials: bottle cap glove machine, mold, gasket, handle, cushion nozzle, closure cap and packaging film have increased by 28.14% and 24.33% respectively. Since November, the paper sector index has been rising. On November 16, the index rose by 3.37%. As of today, the paper industry index has risen by 14.28%

the rise in paper prices has intuitively increased the profits of paper enterprises. According to the regular reports of Listed Companies in the third quarter, especially the safety problems, many paper enterprises' profits per ton of finished paper have rebounded. According to the calculation, the net profit per ton of white cardboard can be increased by 133 for each price increase of 200/ton. The net profit attributable to the parent company in the third quarter of the five A-share paper enterprises increased by more than 100% year-on-year, with Minfeng special paper, Bohui paper and Haoyue nursing leading the growth

Bohui paper's third quarterly report shows that the company achieved a net profit attributable to the parent company of 527 million in the first three quarters, an increase of 274.72% year-on-year. The company issued a comprehensive takeover offer on August 26, and the transferee is also golden light paper, a leading paper enterprise. On October 13, the company announced that the senior executives of golden light paper had been elected to the board of directors, and the company's integration was smoothly promoted. Bohui paper has the highest proportion of white card, and the gross profit of white card business accounted for 88% in 2019, which will fully benefit from the alternative market after the implementation of the plastic ban order

in terms of valuation, the rolling P/E ratio of many paper enterprises is at a low level, and the valuation of eight stocks is around 20 times. The latest valuation of leading Chenming Paper and Shanying international are 12.36 times and 15.53 times respectively. Since November, Chenming paper has been favored by northbound funds. Its shareholding in the freely circulating share capital has increased from 0.92% to 2.04%, and its shareholding has more than doubled

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