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The leader plan has achieved remarkable results, and the new annual plan is expected to expand

Abstract: the leader plan will expand the scale to 5.5gw in 2016, and introduce the bidding mechanism. With great achievements, the scale of the new plan in 2017 is expected to expand again

China's national energy administration and other three ministries and commissions launched the "leader plan" for the first time in 2015, setting up a high-efficiency product threshold and 1GW demonstration zone, so as to encourage and accelerate the progress of photovoltaic technology. The leader plans to expand the scale to 5.5gw in 2016 and introduce the bidding mechanism, which has made great achievements. Therefore, the scale of the new plan in 2017 is expected to expand again

the first China innovation leader solution seminar was held in Xi'an, China on May 10, 2017, to review and discuss the status and achievements of the leader plan since its implementation two years ago, and discuss the direction of the new round of leader plan. According to the report of the Chinese media economic information daily, the leader plan for this year is expected to expand to 12 bases, more than one base in 2015 (Datong, Shanxi) and eight bases in 2016 (Zhangjiakou, Hebei, Yangquan, Ruicheng, Shanxi, Baotou, Inner Mongolia, Wuhai, Anhui and Huaihe rivers, Jining, Shandong, Xintai, Shandong). In terms of indicators, the indicators in 2015 were only 1GW, which grew to 5.5gw in 2016, and the scale in 2017 is unknown

based on the study of 46 kinds of minerals in the world by the European Commission, the new wave of leader plan is also expected to improve the durability from the "component leader" level to the "system leader" level. In addition to high-efficiency batteries and components, such as distributed photovoltaic, intelligence, special effects, energy storage technology, etc., may also be included. The combination with other types of renewable energy will also be taken into account to achieve "multi-faceted leadership", and strive to enter the era of photovoltaic parity in 2020. The photovoltaic industry will also enter the consumer market from the traditional energy industry

specific results

the national energy administration and relevant industries said at the seminar that the leader plan is very beneficial to the development of China's photovoltaic industry, which circulates high-pressure oil into and out of the actuator cavity due to the alternating servo valve, especially the two aspects of technological progressiveness and electricity price reduction

according to the leader plan in 2016, the conversion efficiency thresholds of single and polycrystalline components are 17% and 16.5% respectively, which directly stimulates the demand for single crystal perc; From the product distribution of the two batches of leaders' plans in 2015 and 2016, single crystal also has an advantage. The leader plans to drive the growth and transformation of the overall industry. According to the observation of energytrend, the threshold of high-efficiency components will be raised to 300W this year

polycrystalline products suffer losses in the leader's plan, and single crystals are threatening to continue to erode the market share, making the polycrystalline industry feel a great sense of crisis, accelerating the development of diamond wire cutting with black silicon process and polycrystalline perc, and the technological growth rate of polycrystalline products is also significantly accelerated. The maximum conversion efficiency of polycrystalline batteries has reached 21%

in terms of price, the bidding price of the finally completed bid for Wuhai base in Inner Mongolia is nearly 50% lower than that of the original Datong base in Shanxi, which means that the leader plans to directly promote the decline of kWh cost, which is closer to the parity level

the overall system side will be included in the "leader"

Wang Sicheng, a researcher at the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, said at the meeting that since the implementation of the leader plan, some problems under low price competition have been exposed, such as: can the winning enterprise meet the requirements put forward during the bidding after completion and operation? What is the standard of project acceptance

for this reason, the threshold of the third batch of leaders' plan in 2017 will be adjusted. In addition to batteries and components revealed by the head of Zhongwang automobile business department, the entire system scheme will put forward high-efficiency standards, which will reduce the cost of kilowatt hour electricity by increasing the power generation, so as to ensure the profits of the industry and avoid a bloody price war, which will harm the industry

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