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Bangladesh's clothing exports to China increased by 26% due to the high demand of middle-income consumers for low-cost clothing. In the fiscal year, Bangladesh's other clothing exports to China increased by 26% year-on-year to US $304.24 million

Hugo learned from the recent reports of foreign media that according to the data of Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau, the export of knitwear reached US $141.8 million and the export of woven goods reached US $163.14 million. In the fiscal year, Bangladesh's total clothing exports to China amounted to 241.37 million US dollars

China has implemented zero tariff on 4721 products in Bangladesh, most of which are clothing products. Therefore, since April 2011, Chinese retailers have taken Bangladesh as their purchasing location

China has a very high demand for knitted goods such as cheap sweaters and white textiles such as T-shirts from Bangladesh. Not only Chinese enterprises, other large retailers such as Wal Mart, Tesco and metro also buy goods from Bangladesh

due to Bangladesh's preferential tariff treatment and low production costs, Chinese consumers can save up to 15% of the cost

China is the largest clothing supplier in the world. Now China has shifted its focus to high-end clothing and 200 scientific and technological products in plastic packaging bags per capita in EU Member States every year, providing an opportunity for Bangladesh to export low-cost products, said shahidullah azim, vice president of Bangladesh garment manufacturers and Exporters Association

"China has become a major market with a profit of US $89million, and our clothing exports to China will soon exceed the US $1billion mark." He also said, "the total value of China's clothing market is $178billion. If we can account for 1% of it, the export volume to China will be nearly $18billion a year."

local clothing manufacturers will participate in the international trade exhibition held in Shanghai in October to further expand the Chinese market. 1. The microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal experimental machine produced by Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high stiffness host produced with imported technology

"in the production of some basic clothing products, Bangladesh is still an important player in the market, and middle-income consumers have high demand for these clothes."

Bangladesh also occupies a place in the Japanese market. In the last fiscal year, Bangladesh's clothing exports to Japan reached US $652.55 million, higher than US $100 million five years ago

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