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Lead the green development of energy equipment, and work together to make China 2025 - shell and Shaangu signed a new round of strategic cooperation agreement

lead the green development of energy equipment, and work together to make China 2025 - shell and Shaangu signed a new round of strategic cooperation agreement

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March 20, 2018, Shell (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as shell) and Shaanxi blower (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shaangu) officially signed a new round of strategic cooperation agreement in Xi'an. In the future, the two sides will carry out more in-depth and extensive cooperation in technology research and development, market promotion, lubricant application and services, jointly build solutions for energy efficient utilization, and lead the green development of energy equipment. Ms. Tang Mingran, vice president of global business of Shell Group and President of China lubricants business, and Mr. Li Hongan, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Shaangu group, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties. Shell representatives also visited its plant in Lintong, accompanied by the senior management of Shaangu. The senior management of both sides had a full exchange on the future business cooperation prospects of green energy

Ms. Tang Mingran, vice president of global business of Shell Group and President of China's lubricant business (first from the left in the front row), and Mr. Li Hong'an, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Shaangu group (first from the right in the front row), signed a new round of strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the two sides

at present, the "made in China 2025" strategy takes the full implementation of green manufacturing as an important part of the strategic goal of building a strong manufacturing country, and requires the increase of energy-saving and environmental protection technologies We should strengthen the research and development of industry and equipment, speed up the upgrading of manufacturing industry, and strive to build an efficient, clean, low-carbon and circular green manufacturing system. "Shell is committed to providing more and cleaner energy solutions. Our strengthened cooperation with Shaangu is in line with the development background of green manufacturing." Tang Mingran said, "under the new situation, shell will always implement the industrial oil brand strategy of 'working together to achieve infinite possibilities', vigorously promote industrial intelligent innovation, and help Shaangu promote efficient recycling of resources, improve quality and efficiency, and reduce TCO of equipment in the process of green transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry."

the senior management of both sides had a full exchange on the business prospects of green energy in the future

Li Hong'an added: "Green manufacturing is not only one of the strategic priorities of 'made in China 2025', but also the consistent development goal of Shaangu. In recent years, Shaangu has gradually embarked on a smart green transformation and development path relying on science and technology, intelligence and management innovation through innovative business models and service concepts. Therefore, we very much hope that through this cooperation, we can give full play to the advantages of both sides in their respective fields, and work together to seek green development."

shell is one of the world's leading international energy companies, and it is the first choice for continuous customers to use safely. In 11 years, our global lubricant sales volume ranked first. It has advanced innovation ability, excellent brand and customer-centered service concept. This cooperation is further deepened on the basis of the good cooperation between the two sides in jointly releasing and promoting the sale of turbine machinery special oil. The cooperation mainly includes: for the sales business of lubricating oil, both parties intend to expand their business in the initial installation of new projects, daily oil use of in-service units, normal oil use in Shaangu plant, oil use in all financing projects of Shaangu, so as to realize the full coverage of turbine lubricating oil in the business of Shaangu group, and cooperate in equipment oil use in general contracting or construction projects; For the market, Valeo uses PBT ultradur B 4520 and ultradur B 4300 G4 businesses. Shell assists Shaangu in positioning the value chain and market promotion of turbine special oil, which will gradually lead to electrical equipment problems, and establish an after-sales end customer lubricant business information management platform; On this basis, we will supply more abundant lubricating oil products for Shaangu, provide more comprehensive and competitive project comprehensive lubrication solutions for end users, and gradually strengthen "high-level product sales"; At the same time, in terms of technology research and development, we should strengthen cooperation in equipment lubrication research, new product development, daily lubrication detection and analysis, and equipment remote monitoring technology, so as to meet the needs of equipment upgrading and end users for "cost reduction and efficiency increase"

Mr. Li Hong'an (first from the right in the front row) accompanied shell representatives to visit Shaanxi drum Lintong factory

as an industrial diversified and international green energy enterprise, Shaanxi drum is based on becoming a system solution provider and system service provider in the field of distributed energy, and has accumulated relevant technical and commercial strength in the field of distributed energy around the pillar industries of the national economy such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, urban construction, etc. Li Hong'an said, "I believe that the signing of this new round of strategic agreement will further integrate the advantageous resources of both sides, realize the full sharing of resources and markets, promote the upgrading of Shaangu to the high end of the industrial chain, improve the 'comprehensive competitiveness of the whole industrial chain', and help us take the lead in the general trend of 'made in China 2025'."

Tang Mingran is also full of confidence in the prospects of bilateral cooperation. She said: "Working together to win-win cooperation with customers is the core concept of Shell industrial lubricants. It is foreseeable that the two sides will continue to develop opportunities for in-depth cooperation in the development of clean energy and new energy sectors, especially in the comprehensive utilization of energy. With the help of the 'shell innovation laboratory', we will continue to bring technology, products and services that meet the development trend of industry 4.0 and the needs of customers, and help Shaangu move forward with 'smart energy'‘ Made in China 2025 ', to provide energy-efficient green products and system services for countries along the "the Belt and Road", so that the upper and lower jaws are not concentric. "

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