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Zhongyuan special steel: leader of large steel precision forging industry

Zhongyuan special steel: leader of large steel precision forging industry

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Guide: Zhongyuan special steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongyuan special steel) was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange today. Insiders pointed out that after the implementation of the fund project raised by Zhongyuan special steel this time, Zhongyuan special steel will further enhance its competitiveness in the market of industrial special equipment and large special steel precision forgings, and all kinds of products will occupy the market

Zhongyuan special steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongyuan special steel) is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange today. Insiders pointed out that after the implementation of the fund project raised by Zhongyuan special steel this time, Zhongyuan special steel will further strengthen its competitiveness in the market of industrial special equipment and large-scale special steel precision forgings, and the market share of various products will be further improved to continue to maintain the leading position in China

at the same time, it will further expand the company's asset scale, improve the company's financial situation, improve operating results, consolidate and enhance the company's competitiveness, and have a positive and beneficial impact on the company's long-term development

leading the industry of large-scale fine steel forgings

Zhongyuan special steel is mainly engaged in the R & D, production, sales and service of industrial special equipment and large-scale special fine steel forgings. It is a domestic large-scale forging production enterprise with a complete production line from smelting, forging, heat treatment to machining. Industrial special equipment: the main products include oil drilling tools, limiting mandrels, pipe molds, etc., which are used in oil drilling and production, seamless steel pipe production, ductile iron pipe production and other industrial equipment fields. Large special steel precision forgings: the main products include customized precision forgings and machined parts such as metallurgical rolls, continuous casting rolls, turbine motor shafts, large-size die steels, which are used in the manufacturing fields of major equipment such as petroleum, electric power, shipbuilding, metallurgy, machinery, etc

it is understood that since the establishment of Zhongyuan special steel, it has been engaged in the R & D, production, sales and service of industrial special equipment and large-scale special steel precision forgings, and its main business has not changed. The company is one of the largest manufacturing enterprises of restricted mandrel in Asia. The restricted mandrel products it produces fill the domestic gap by replacing imports. In November 2006, it was jointly recognized as a national key new product by the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Environmental Protection Administration and the general Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine; The company is currently the leading manufacturer of non-magnetic drill collars in China, with a domestic market share of about 80%, and has won the third prize of the National Natural Science Invention Award; Non magnetic drilling tools, pipe molds, continuous casting rollers and other products are provincial-level high-tech products. The company has successively obtained the "national industrial product production license" for bearing steel, the "special equipment manufacturing license" for pressure pipe components, the "A1 class ultra-high pressure vessel manufacturing license", the right to use the API monogram of the American Petroleum Institute for petroleum drilling tool products, and the marine forgings have passed the certifications of ABS, DNV, CCS, Kr, GL and LR. The "Tanyuan" brand oil drill collars and integral weighted drill pipes produced by the company were rated as "well-known brands" and "famous brand products" respectively by China Petroleum (601857) and petrochemical equipment industry association in January and December 2008

Zhongyuan special steel said that in the next few years, the company is determined to become a professional manufacturer of key and important components for the advanced equipment manufacturing industry and energy metallurgy industry, represented by petroleum drilling tools, limiting mandrels and large-scale die steel, and to build an internationally renowned and domestic first-class manufacturer of industrial special equipment and large-scale special steel precision forgings with independent innovation and sustainable development capabilities. At the same time, the company will continue to maintain a leading position in China in terms of limited mandrel, non-magnetic petroleum drilling tools and other products, and maintain an important domestic manufacturer position in terms of metallurgical rollers, pipe molds, ultra-high pressure vessels and large special steel forgings


integrate various advantages in one

the reason why Zhongyuan special steel can become a leader in the large steel precision forging industry is that the company has certain advantages in the industrial chain, production technology, customer resources and other aspects

Zhongyuan special steel has complete production processes, in addition to smelting and forging capabilities, it also has strong mechanical processing and heat treatment capabilities, complete production processes, and strong process controllability. The complete production process establishes the competitive advantage of the following markets for enterprises to obtain special steel raw materials at a low cost. Because large forgings are often customized according to the special needs of customers, various customers have great differences in the types and specifications of special steel raw materials, while the demand is relatively small. For example, some customers have high requirements for molybdenum, nickel, chromium and other elements in special steel raw materials, but the total annual demand for the whole raw materials is only 100 tons, and in some years it is only 60 tons. However, the special steel products provided by large steel enterprises are few, most of which are standardized products. At the same time, they will not provide a small amount of special product services for general customers. Even if some products are provided, the price is high, and the production time cannot be guaranteed. This makes the cost of special steel raw materials higher and the time cost higher in general forging manufacturing enterprises. The company has special steel smelting equipment and technology, which can produce special steel raw materials according to the needs of customers, and ensure the production time, so as to reduce the cost of special steel raw materials

analysts pointed out that, compared with general forging manufacturing enterprises and general machining enterprises, the company has a complete production chain from smelting to mechanical deep processing. Each process is closely integrated within, and the upper and lower production processes cooperate efficiently. It can make rapid and effective adjustments according to the changes of market demand to meet the personalized needs of customers

Zhongyuan special steel also has certain advantages in equipment matching. The main production line of the company is the domestic leading precision forging production line, which has the domestic or international advanced process equipment and physical and chemical testing means required for smelting, forging, machining and heat treatment. Some core technologies are unique in China and are industry-leading. The precision forging production line of the company can realize constant temperature forging, which is suitable for the production of large, complex, special-shaped, ultra long shaft or rectangular forgings, and has reached the international advanced level in the production of high-quality, high-performance and difficult material forgings such as high alloy tool steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy and so on

it is understood that the 1400 ton precision forging machine owned by the company is an automatic operation forging equipment produced by GFM company in Austria, which is still the largest precision forging machine in China. The whole forging process is controlled by computer program, which has the unique advantages of high production efficiency, high dimensional accuracy of forgings, good surface quality, high material utilization rate, uniform deformation on the whole length and so on, which can not be compared with oil (water) press and other forging equipment. The precision forging machine has four hammers, each with a striking force of 1400 tons. During forging, the clamping jaws clamp the blank, and ensure that the blank center is consistent with the forging center through the centering pliers. The workpiece is forged simultaneously along the circumferential direction of the workpiece. The workpiece is plastic deformed under three-dimensional compressive stress, with uniform stress and dense internal structure. Due to the strike speed of 175 times/minute when forging, the precision forging machine converts a large amount of mechanical energy into heat energy and transfers it to the blank during deformation, which compensates for the heat loss of the blank rubber ring business accounting for 40% of the revenue of Mitsubishi Electric Wire Industry in 2016. Therefore, the temperature of the blank decreases slowly. When forging, the temperature difference in the full length of the forging is small, and uniform and dense internal structure can be obtained after forging

the 4500/5000 ton hydraulic fast forging machine officially put into operation in May 2009 is the world's leading forging equipment imported from German smsmeergmbh company. The equipment has the highest international influence in the plastic extruder industry, with a continuously rising upsetting force of 5410 tons and the largest forged ingot diameter Φ 1550mm, forging accuracy ± 1mm, forging frequency up to 137 times/min, and with remote diagnosis function, it can produce large-scale limit mandrel forgings, tool and die flat steel forgings, metallurgical roll forgings, high-pressure boiler tube forgings, power station equipment and other products with high added value, high-tech content and broad market prospects. With 1400 ton precision forging machine and 4500/5000 ton hydraulic fast forging machine as the main equipment, the company has established a precision forging production line including electric arc furnace, refining furnace, electroslag remelting furnace, hydraulic fast forging machine, a variety of heat treatment equipment, CNC lathe, horizontal lathe, deep hole drilling and boring machine and other equipment. The coordinated operation of the above production equipment ensures the progressiveness and stability of the company's production process, and enables the company to have a strong competitive advantage in the same industry

Zhongyuan special steel also has certain advantages in production technology. The special industrial equipment and large-scale special steel forgings of the company are mainly ultra long parts. After more than ten years of process research, a number of unique technologies have been formed, and many patents have been obtained, such as horizontal quenching device for ultra long shaft parts, special tooling for floating boring deep holes, etc

at the same time, the company has a number of proprietary technologies for the production of large forgings. Among them, the production technology of ultra long precision forgings and the full-length performance stability control technology are mainly used in the production of high-strength and high toughness stop mandrel of continuous tube mill; The production technology of high-strength and high toughness special steel materials improves the metallurgical quality of steel through smelting technology control to ensure that steel has high strength and good toughness, so as to meet the application of materials in harsh working environment and prolong the service life of products; Isothermal forging technology, combined with the equipment advantages of the company's 1400 ton precision forging machine, realizes that the billet temperature is basically constant during the rapid forging process, and ensures the density and comprehensive mechanical properties of the forging billet. The company has supporting and maintenance technology for large and complex equipment. Precision requirements for precision forging machines, oil presses, steel furnaces and other equipment are very high. Due to the lack of parts and technology, the matching and maintenance of these equipment generally rely on foreign equipment supply enterprises, and the maintenance cost remains high. In the production process, the company has gradually mastered the supporting and maintenance technology of precision forging machines and other equipment, established a technical maintenance team, and realized the self production and maintenance of most of the supporting parts of precision forging machines. At the same time, the company refitted two free forging presses from hydraulic presses to computer-controlled hydraulic quick forging machines, which improved production efficiency and reduced production costs. The national standard for steel rods for petroleum drilling tools drafted by the company will be released soon

Zhongyuan special steel also has certain advantages in terms of customer resources. After more than ten years of business efforts, the company has become an important supplier to many domestic and foreign industry-leading enterprises. These leading enterprises are the company's core customers, and the company has formed a stable cooperative relationship of mutual trust and cooperation with its core customers. In terms of industrial special equipment, the company is an important supplier of domestic leading enterprises in petroleum equipment, power station equipment, marine equipment, metallurgical equipment, port equipment and other industries


raise funds to improve competitiveness

Zhongyuan special steel said that in order to consolidate and strengthen the company's competitive position in the large forgings industry, further expand market share and improve the company's business performance, the company plans to issue no more than 79million RMB common shares to the public, and the raised funds are used to invest in the first phase of comprehensive technological transformation project Sx-65 precision forging machine modernization transformation project and comprehensive energy-saving technology transformation project

it is understood that the total investment of the above projects is 672.791 million yuan. Zhongyuan special steel said that the company would arrange the project funds in order of priority. According to the public

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