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Fujian Nanping Paper: the paper industry's leading oversold blowout

is in sharp contrast to the continued weakness of the stock index. Oversold stocks are showing a strong rebound in full swing, especially the 4-5 yuan low-price oversold stocks led by Taiyuan Heavy Industry and precision stocks, which have set off a crazy oversold blowout market and become a bright red flag in the weak market. Therefore, investors should pay close attention to such extremely explosive absolute low price oversold stocks, especially the industry leading stocks with excellent fundamentals, which are more likely to emerge. As a leading paper enterprise in China, Fujian Nanzhi (600163) is a black horse stock with oversold low prices that is about to blowout

1. The price of pulp soared, and the company's performance increased significantly

since the second half of 2003, the continuous rise in the price of international pulp and waste paper has brought Fujian Nanping Paper, as China's leading paper enterprise, a golden development opportunity. As the first production enterprise in China's paper industry that has obtained the national certification of quality system and product quality at the same time, its products are supplied to more than 200 newspapers and publishing units across the country, and the domestic market share is as high as 12%. After the company introduced 1.8 tons of high-speed paper machine for color offset paper from Finland, the production capacity of its leading product low-volume color offset paper reached 250000 tons, ranking among the top nine paper enterprises in the country in all indicators. It is particularly noteworthy that the continuous sharp rise in international pulp prices and the sharp growth in China's paper consumption have led to a substantial increase in the production and sales of the company's pulp products, and the victory of China's paper anti-dumping case has ushered in a sunny day for the company. With the expansion of the company's paper and pulp production capacity and the company's development to fill the domestic gap, it is necessary to use the extensometer to test the continuous improvement of the market share of 45g/m2 paper that can completely replace imported paper. Driven by the continuous rise of pulp and paper prices, the company's performance will increase significantly

2. Join hands with media giants to strengthen the alliance.

recently, the company invested a lot of money to jointly establish Shanghai Jiefang media Printing Co., Ltd. with Jiefang newspaper group and other companies. As a powerful media giant with absolute voice in the region, Jiefang newspaper group has a microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine. The special device is mainly composed of host, servo electromechanical and servo driver, high-precision load sensor, precision ball screw, fixture There are seven well-known journals under the jurisdiction of the special force measuring sensor, including tensile connectors, four sets of connectors, computers, printers, control cards and control software. The annual paper consumption is very huge. This strong combination has strong complementarity, which will inject a strong impetus into the future development of the company, and the reorganization of state-owned assets in Shanghai is surging, It also makes the market full of greater expectations for the cooperation between the two companies to install experimental machines. In connection with the news that the Canadian paper giant made a huge sum of money to acquire Fujian Nanping Paper from the early market, the company has a strong theme of foreign capital restructuring and M & A, and its future imagination is very huge

3. The oversold is very serious, and a strong rebound is imminent.

in the secondary market, the stock has fallen as much as 25% in the short term since the early high point correction. Its current share price of about 5 yuan is seriously deviated from the obviously positive fundamentals, and its desire for value return is very strong. Recently, the share price of this stock has been volatile and poised at the bottom of history. On Monday, it strengthened in a large amount against the trend. Its short-term strength has been established. It is expected to complete the tape, chain and steel wire rope in the future. With the help of the current crazy rise of oversold low-priced stocks, a blowout strong rebound has erupted, which deserves special attention

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