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Leading the trend of digital, automation and electrification, Continental helps the efficiency and safety of the future engineering vehicle industry

[on site report] recently, the technology company continental took part in 2018 Shanghai with a number of its products, bringing a number of innovative system solutions for engineering vehicles

continental group took part in the 2018 BMW Shanghai exhibition with a variety of products

at booth 158 of hall N4. The theme of continental group's exhibition was "Continental engineering vehicle applications - efficient, safe, comfortable", including: intelligent conveyor belt solutions, mature fluid applications, air spring systems, man-machine interfaces, advanced driving assistance sensing technology, engineering machinery tires and system solutions, Provide customers with the latest technical solutions and a wide range of product lines from continental

Peng Yihao, director of key account management of continental engineering vehicles, said at the media conference: "for the engineering vehicle industry, the robustness, precise operability and efficiency of vehicles are crucial factors of the second China international automobile lightweight materials and technology exhibition 2016. We provide a comprehensive product portfolio and combine digital and automation technology to rise to a higher field."

Peng Yihao, director of major customer management of continental engineering vehicles, said that continental has many electronic integrated solutions in driving and interaction, including: Bridge interactive information, combination instruments, and various operating elements and integrated solutions applied in comfortable conditions. Among them, there are a variety of technical and material solutions in the optimization of noise and vibration, such as tires, driving crawler belts, and air springs. In terms of human-computer interface interaction, there are comprehensive solutions such as large panel display and VR

Peng Yihao, director of major customer management of continental engineering vehicles, explained ppt

in terms of realizing the interconnection and interworking of engineering vehicles. For example, Continental has a fleet management enterprise in North America, which provides fleet management services for many road vehicles and engineering vehicles. Among them, the integrated comprehensive solutions, including smart tires, provide safer and more efficient interconnection and efficient operation for engineering vehicles. He also pointed out that continental also has cooperation with many excellent local enterprises in many aspects. Continental will provide excellent digital, automation and electrification solutions to contribute to the efficiency and safety of the engineering vehicle industry

he also introduced that in the field of construction machinery car service, Continental group adheres to its rich experience in the automotive field, and through the acquisition of a car service enterprise called "zonar" in North America, combined with the R & D strength of the group's central functional departments, it can invest it in the field of construction machinery, which can provide a certain momentum for the growth of Continental's related Internet of things business

Qi song, President of continental ContiTech China, came to the stage to make a report

at the meeting, Qi song, President of continental ContiTech China, came to the stage to make a report. He first reviewed the development history of continental and made a brief introduction to the future industry development and company strategy. He revealed that continental will continue to develop in China, and has realized that it should base itself on the Chinese market and customers, and carry out product research and development and production layout based on customer demand and market demand. Moreover, the R & D achievements in China can be transferred back to North America and Europe, which truly establishes the position of continental China in global R & D

continental began to establish "one continental China industrial business" in 2017.

he also said that continental began to establish "one continental China industrial business" in 2017 to ensure that it provides customers with one-stop services. Continental can provide one-stop service solutions no matter what products customers need and services in any region. Moreover, Continental will continue to unswervingly follow the path of "one continental industrial business", that is, a cooperative model, a network-based cooperative win-win model. In addition, Continental will also work with Chinese OEMs to promote the efficiency, safety and digitalization of the hydraulic universal testing machine industry in the future engineering vehicle industry

since then, Continental has also made a wonderful display of the latest technology and product solutions for construction machinery:

BOMAG advanced intelligent cockpit (engineering vehicle intelligent Cockpit Integration Solution)

cockpit is an important part of construction machinery and equipment, which plays a vital role in the safety, efficiency and comfort of vehicle operation. In recent years, with the acceleration of the modernization and scientific and technological process of construction machinery, people have put forward higher requirements for the safety of the cockpit of construction machinery, the efficiency of man-machine interface and the comfort of driving operation. In order to meet the market demand, improve the efficiency of vehicle operation, ensure operation safety, and improve the current production environment, Continental has developed a set of solutions - BOMAG advanced intelligent cockpit, which includes the following product and solution advantages:

intelligent Cockpit Integration Solution for engineering vehicles

· 360 degree panoramic image monitoring system allows drivers to observe the surrounding conditions by visually monitoring the surrounding conditions of the body, Avoid safety accidents in blind areas

· 3 the real-time electronic streaming rearview mirror electronizes the rearview mirror, avoiding the obstruction of objects in the car and reducing wind resistance. To a large extent, it reduces the blind area of vehicles, ensures clear vision, and can display other vehicle information and provide human-computer information interaction

· 312.3-inch full LCD programmable meter provides cooler display effect, and can realize information interaction and customizable programming

· 37 Inch full LCD second display large-size, high-resolution LCD, more convenient to read, convenient interactive display technology experience

· 3 the scientific and technological full information display of cockpit head up display can be used as this experimental display system, and more information can be real-time interactive through the combination of multiple screens

· 3 the seat and interior materials have a better tactile experience, and provide a comfortable working environment and area division for the driver through color, material and texture, which is environmentally friendly, healthy and wear-resistant

· 3 the cockpit air spring system provides a more comfortable working experience for the driver, provides safety and comfort, and reduces noise

super flexible wear-resistant constant pressure high-performance rubber hose helps to safely transport media

under very harsh working conditions, the requirements for engineering machinery and equipment are becoming more and more stringent. For example, for the boom part, the rubber hose is required to have good fatigue resistance, high oil temperature resistance, and wear-resistant outer layer. Xcp4s5s6s and other three kinds of constant pressure super flexible and wear-resistant winding hydraulic pipes are the best choice for this application. Its maximum oil temperature resistance can reach 120 ° C, which is 20% higher than that of 4sh hose. Its bending radius is only 12, which is very flexible. The wear resistance is more than 5 times higher than the standard. More importantly, the static and dynamic pulse performance is more than 50% higher than the 4sh standard, which greatly extends the service life of the hose

super flexible wear-resistant constant pressure high-performance rubber hose helps to safely transport media

sensors recognize the status of conveyor belts in real time

continental pays attention to the service of conveyor belts with the theme of all types of bulk and bulk goods. There is a demonstration model on site, which explains the current market trend of belt monitoring and full-service application. The model covers about one square meter and can provide all kinds of information and data. The conveyor belt with sensors can detect every movement of the conveyed material. They check the surface, fill level or incorrect operation, and send reports in real time. In addition, the database can be used to store information, and the algorithm can evaluate the status of the conveyor belt and know when it needs to be repaired

the sensor recognizes the conveyor belt status in real time

the conveyor belt monitoring system enables us to check the safety related belt performance. At the same time, this technology provides conditions for new business models, such as predictive maintenance of components or systems. Data monitoring requires extensive expertise in conveyor belts and sensor specific knowledge, which is owned internally by continental. All business departments work closely together. This optimizes maintenance, making unplanned downtime a thing of the past. Continental uses optical sensors and radar technology for this purpose

field identification experience of air spring system

the industrial application of air spring system will provide NFC labels for its C-type air spring products, so that every data is at the fingertips of users. Each "tag" contains the data sheet of its own product, and each product can be quickly identified in a few seconds. It is worth mentioning that the tag can be read by any NFC enabled device, and the air spring system identification will be applied to the market from the beginning of 2019

air spring system on-site identification experience

German horse brand special tires for earthworks, loaders and bulldozers

articulated dump trucks, and for transporting large amounts of bulk materials or aggregates, calmly cope with all kinds of extreme conditions from soft soil and silt to gravel and rock terrain in construction sites or mines. Durability, excellent traction performance and excellent resistance to stone cutting and heating are essential for operations under these extreme conditions

German Marquis special tires suitable for earthwork, dump trucks, single projection lighting loaders and bulldozers

continental Marquis special tires EM master can be customized according to these specific needs. There are two versions of this tire with different tread designs: the tread depth of EM master e3l3 is within the normal range, and the spacing of pattern blocks is wide; The rubber block size of EM master e4l4 is larger and the spacing of pattern blocks is smaller

therefore, tires provide a high level of carcass protection and good resistance to cutting expansion, minimizing the risk of tire burst and downtime. The pentagonal pattern block design realizes smaller tread pattern block spacing, and can maintain smooth operation and good traction performance even on hard and rocky surfaces. Due to the deep tread design and high wear resistance, EM master e4l4 also has an ultra long service life


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