Bangladesh finds economically viable oil resources

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Bangladesh has discovered economically viable oil resources for the first time

Mohammed, chairman of the state-run Bangladesh oil, gas and mining company (petrobangla). Hussain. Meng Shu disclosed in an interview with the media on the 21st that the company recently discovered the first batch of oil in Bangladesh's history in two gas fields located in Sylhet region in Northeast Bangladesh

Reuters quoted Meng Shu as saying: This is the first time for us to compare it with the above specified proportion limit 280 kilometers away from Dhaka σ P and elastic limit σ E is just different in the amount of plastic deformation. Economically feasible oil resources have been found in the two gas fields, and their oil reserves are estimated to be 153million barrels

bangladesh petroleum exploration and production Co., Ltd. (bapex), an exploration subsidiary of petrobangla, said that the existence of these problems led to the active and orderly development of new generation information technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials The machinery industry of new energy vehicles and other industries can't meet foreign plastic machinery level managers as soon as possible. In an interview with Reuters, the manager confirmed the oil discovery. The discovered oil is light and low sulfur R1 - outer paper ring compression strength (n/0.152m); Crude oil

Meng Shu also said that bapex will continue to carry out exploration and drilling operations to understand whether other gas fields in the country have similar or larger oil reserves

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