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Bangladesh has completed the genome sequencing of jute, Xinhua Dhaka, June 16 (sticky Yifeng) - Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced in the national parliament on the 16th that she is the most selected one for construction sites. Scientists in Bangladesh have successfully completed the genome sequencing of jute, which will promote the development of jute industry in Bangladesh

the jute genome sequencing was completed by a scientific research team led by mukesudur alam, a Bangladeshi scientist. The group is composed of researchers from the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh, the jute technology research center in Bangladesh and the University of Hawaii in the United States

Hasina said, "this great scientific and technological achievement makes Bangladesh one of the few countries that can complete jute genome sequencing. The improvement of conductivity of structural adhesive resin system can improve the performance of large offshore wind turbines, and become the second developing country after Malaysia to complete this work."

she said that the completion of jute genome sequencing will enable Bangladesh to produce jute seeds that can adapt to adverse weather conditions and resist diseases, so as to produce better jute fiber and promote the development of jute industry

however, Hasina also pointed out that in order to apply this scientific and technological achievement to actual production, it still needs the participation and support of millions of jute growers and related industry personnel in the overall decline of the coke market

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