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Shaanxi construction machinery paver leader ushers in a new opportunity

Shaanxi construction machinery paver leader ushers in a new opportunity

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Guide: Recently, due to the continuous rise in share prices, construction machinery (600984) listed in 2004 ranked second in the recent share price increase list of China's stock market. And all kinds of rumors about this leading enterprise of concrete machinery have also been widely spread in the market, and are becoming one of the companies that have been highly concerned in China's securities market and then focused on 3D printing new materials

recently, due to the continuous rise of share prices, construction machinery (600984) listed in 2004 ranked second in the list of recent share price increases in China's stock market. All kinds of rumors about this leading concrete machinery enterprise have also been widely spread in the market and are becoming a listed company that has attracted much attention in China's securities market

capital bottleneck

on March 26, construction machinery announced that its actual controller, Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Corporation, and Shaanxi coal and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. signed the "asset transfer agreement" on March 23, 2007, transferring the entire affiliated Shaanxi construction machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. to Shaanxi coal and chemical industry

all the subjects that can be hyped and the information that is widely spread in the market are disclosed in this announcement

it is reported that construction machinery and Shaanxi coal industry are both owned by the local SASAC. The latter is one of the top three groups in terms of business income in Shaanxi Province. Last year, its sales revenue was 15 billion yuan and its profit exceeded 1.8 billion yuan. In this overall transfer business, Shaanxi coal industry paid 128million yuan to construction engineering group at one time, including part of the debt of construction machinery. The financial strength and internal structure of Shaanxi coal industry are relatively loose, which may also be the heart of construction machinery holding company

construction machinery said that the shareholder change was the normal allocation of state-owned assets and was entirely a government action. It is almost certain that the new major shareholders may bring capital to construction machinery. Insiders generally believe that the lack of capital is the main factor restricting the market sales of construction machinery in the past two years

construction machinery is the leading enterprise in the domestic paver manufacturing industry, accounting for more than 40% of the market share for many years. Its leading product, large asphalt concrete paver, is a product with large value and high added value. Many parts need to be purchased internationally, so the capital flow is relatively large. Due to the large market holding of its products, maintaining and cultivating the market in advance to prepare for the good development of the market in the future also requires a lot of financial support. In the first few years of the booming market, although the family background is not thick, the enterprise can basically operate normally. However, the market downturn in the recent oneortwo years has put huge financial pressure on construction machinery. There are not only the reasons of the enterprise itself, but also the macro level problems

construction machinery is the main profit and tax major in the former holding group company, and the latter's profit source is basically construction machinery. After the difficulties of this core enterprise, it is conceivable that the capital situation of major shareholders is tense. When construction machinery needs capital guarantee from major shareholders, the construction engineering group even has no such ability. This may be one of the factors for the change of major shareholders

market expectation

construction machinery is an old state-owned enterprise. Its predecessor was a small construction machinery factory with tippers as its main food cost, which had been stagnant in difficulties for a long time. In the early 1990s, it began to cooperate with German ABG company to manufacture asphalt concrete pavers in the form of technology trade. The latter, as the world's top paver manufacturer, provides construction machinery with the ability and technology to manufacture pavers. Construction machinery can realize the rapid development of the enterprise through this cooperation. Even in the international paver Market, the paver jointly manufactured by construction machinery and German ABG company has also been widely recognized in the market. Experts familiar with this situation said that the cooperation mode between construction machinery and ABG company for more than ten years has provided a lot of experience for the industry, which is very rare

200 four years of macroeconomic regulation and control in the use of washable makeup has led to a decline in the market for construction machinery, and pavers have also become the most underperforming of the eight traditional categories of construction machinery in the past oneortwo years. However, some experts pointed out that due to the construction cycle, the start-up of the road construction and maintenance machinery market, including pavers, mostly lags behind that of earthwork machinery. Therefore, from the market situation of loaders, excavators, etc. in the previous year, it can be seen that the market will give pavers a good performance opportunity in the future

it may be based on this understanding that Shaanxi coal industry invested more than 100 million in the construction machinery that is still in the loss period this year, and investors also drove its share price up with eye popping actions

asphalt concrete paver is a product with high technical content in the construction machinery industry, which can be said to be one of the high-end products in the industry. Although the total number of pavers promoting the development of renewable resources industry is small, and the domestic market has been maintained at about 500 in recent years, having the manufacturing capacity of pavers has always been one of the dreams of some large domestic group companies. Through the reorganization and merger of paver leaders, perhaps it is their opportunity to realize this dream? Therefore, recently, there have been rumors that Zoomlion, another listed company in the industry, is behind the change of major shareholders of construction machinery

construction machinery categorically denied this claim, and some market participants did not think it was possible. As a fellow apprentice of the former Ministry of construction, the cooperation between construction machinery and Zoomlion seems to be a distant thing

the construction machinery industry to which construction machinery belongs is a typical investment driven industry. Market participants generally believe that for some time to come, China's construction machinery industry will be an industry with restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and capital operation as the theme

in the historical process of its development, this industry driven by investment has become one of the most diversified industries in the economy and one of the most active markets in China's machinery industry after the reform and opening up due to less investment by the state plan. The large number of Listed Companies in the industry can be said to partially indicate their ability and willingness to participate in the capital market

however, as the development of basic industry, relevant people of construction machinery said that capital operation is only a means, and the development of enterprises is the fundamental purpose

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