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Leaders look at the aviation industry in 2011: the decisive year of reform and adjustment

Lin Zuoming, Secretary of the Party group and general manager of China Aviation Industry Corporation

the 12th Five Year Plan is a very important five years in the history of AVIC, and it is an important strategic opportunity period that we must firmly grasp the direct access to 8 single end simulations and be practical

from the perspective of the recent development of the civil aircraft industry and China's implementation of the special policy for large aircraft, the 12th Five Year Plan will be a rare historical opportunity for the development of civil aircraft. The relevant competitive elements include product certification, technology, product performance, delivery time, service and price. As an important supplier, C919 will achieve its first flight, and ARJ21 will be mass produced and delivered; The state promotes the reform of low altitude airspace management and the construction of emergency rescue system, and the civil aircraft and general aviation industry of the group company has a promising prospect

from the perspective of the development environment of non aviation industry, the country will accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, actively cultivate strategic emerging industries, and accelerate the development of service industry, which will create a good environment for the development of non aviation civil products and modern service industry

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the external environment of AVIC is always good by measuring the smoothness of materials, but various challenges can not be ignored: the internationalization of the domestic aviation market is accelerated, and the elastic limit of the world aviation industry is only an approximate number (apparent elastic limit) industry giants are accelerating to seize the domestic aviation market; With the promotion of the competition mechanism for aviation equipment research and development and the opening of market access by the state, many non military enterprises will enter the military industry with their own advantages. These factors will form a pressing force that cannot be underestimated and compete for development space with the group company. We must speed up market-oriented reform and open development, solve contradictions and risks in advance in a timely manner, and carefully maintain a good momentum of development

in the next five years, AVIC will focus on three changes: transforming from traditional state-owned enterprises to modern multinational companies, and realizing a new leap in enterprise system and mechanism; Change from tracking innovation to independent innovation, and realize a new leap forward in the development of aviation science and technology; The transformation from traditional products and services to the industrialization and systematic development of the whole value chain has achieved a new leap forward in military civilian integration

in 2011, our work faces many risks and difficulties. The gradual withdrawal of national policies and measures to stimulate economic growth requires our early preparation; The opening of aviation equipment development system and the reform of low altitude airspace have intensified the market competition of aviation products; After the financial crisis, the lack of momentum for world economic recovery will continue to affect foreign trade business

in 2011, AVIC plans to achieve sales revenue of 250billion yuan and profit of 13billion yuan. We will spare no effort to ensure the completion of the scientific research and production tasks of aviation equipment. At the same time, we should speed up the adjustment and deepen the reform of the system and mechanism

this year is the decisive year for the reform and adjustment of AVIC. The group will issue the "decision on Several Issues concerning promoting reform and adjustment and promoting transformation and development", focusing on breaking through difficult problems in the reform, focusing on solving deep-seated contradictions, and accelerating the reform and adjustment in place. First, further straighten out the management system of parent and subsidiary companies and clarify the responsibilities and authorities at all levels. Second, improve the corporate governance structure and give full play to the role of the board of directors and the board of supervisors. Third, accelerate the capitalization operation. Fourth, we should earnestly promote the construction of the park, speed up the entry of aviation industry projects into the park, ensure that the projects are solid, achieve the construction objectives of the park, and make contributions to the development of the group company and local economic construction. (Note: This article is excerpted from the leader of the special topic of economic observation, 2011)

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