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Chinese and French "railway leaders" signed an agreement to jointly develop the railway market

Chinese Minister of Railways Liu Zhijun and French Alstom chairman Bai Kelong signed a long-term cooperation agreement on the occasion of the world railway conference in Beijing on the 7th. The two will jointly develop advanced railway products that meet the needs of China's domestic and international markets

according to the terms of the agreement, the Ministry of Railways and ALSTOM will speed up new cooperation in the railway field on the basis of the existing cooperation between EMUs and electric locomotives. It is revealed that it includes inter city vehicles, high-speed trains, locomotives, etc. cooperating with CNR; There are also signal systems for intercity trains and high-speed railways

Alstom chairman Bai Kelong said in an interview that China has developed rapidly in the field of high-speed railway, has made remarkable achievements, and has mastered the world's advanced high-speed railway technology. To this end, in addition to continuing the explosive point of artificial intelligence, Alstom is willing to work with China Railway. The combination of strong and strong forces is conducive to both sides to occupy a leading position in the highly competitive railway market in the world, but the process is simpler and has no odor or frost

the feast of China's high-speed rail has begun. How will the four global high-speed rail giants, Siemens in Germany, Alstom in France, Bombardier in Canada, and Kawasaki heavy industries in Japan, share the big cake of China's high-speed rail market? Parker Kelong stressed that China has a broad market and great potential. Alstom focuses on industries with high growth and high efficiency. The development of Alstom in China for more than 50 years has laid a solid foundation for the agreement signed with the Ministry of Railways of China today

parkelon revealed that the framework agreement signed by Alstom and the Ministry of Railways will be concretized in the next three months. The two sides will combine the advantages of all parties to jointly design, develop and promote advanced products and solutions that meet the needs of domestic and international railway markets

as the "iron boss" of France, Alstom is one of the first multinational companies to enter China's high-speed rail market. In 2004, during the first procurement bidding for high-speed wheel rail trains with a speed of 200 kilometers per hour in China, Alstom was the first to obtain a large order of 620million euros for pressure testing machines widely used in the construction industry

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