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The winner of the national "May Day" Labor Medal: Bao Tianxiong

Bao Tianxiong, a senior economist, is the Secretary of the Party committee, general manager and chairman of Hangzhou paint Co., Ltd., and also the vice president of China paint industry association and the president of Zhejiang paint Association

winner of the national "May Day" Labor Medal: Bao Tianxiong

in 1971, Hangzhou pesticide factory joined the work and successively served as the director, section chief and deputy factory director of the workshop for separating bonding materials again. In 1999, he was transferred to the director of Hangzhou paint factory. In 2000, the enterprise was restructured into Hangzhou paint Co., Ltd. as the chairman and general manager of the company

Comrade Bao Tianxiong has been rated as an excellent Communist Party member in the industrial system of Hangzhou for many times, and won the "May Day" Labor Medal of Zhejiang Province in 2008, the national "May Day" labor medal and the honor of model worker of Zhejiang Province in 2009; And won the titles of "outstanding entrepreneurial entrepreneur in Hangzhou" and "outstanding entrepreneurial entrepreneur in Zhejiang Province", and was awarded the outstanding representative of "Hangzhou business" in 2008

In March 2000, Bao Tianxiong, who took office shortly after, seized the opportunity of industrial enterprise reform in Hangzhou in time, and took the Hangzhou paint factory, which was already in great difficulty at that time, as the first industrial enterprise in Hangzhou to be transformed as a whole, to carry out a thorough transformation and establish Hangzhou paint Co., Ltd. He insisted on innovation and boldly changed the name of wood plastic composites in foreign countries, and formulated the reform strategy of "three years of adjustment, three years of accumulation and three years of development". He advocated the concept of common and harmonious development between enterprises and employees, built a harmonious enterprise in deepening reform, and promoted scientific development in response to the crisis. In the past decade, the enterprise efficiency and employee income have increased steadily by double digits every year, realizing the sound and rapid development of the enterprise

in the spirit of being highly responsible for the enterprise, Comrade Bao Tianxiong led the team and all employees of the company to seize the opportunity, rise to the difficulties, forge ahead with reform and continuous innovation, which not only helped the enterprise out of difficulties, but also made the enterprise a national high-tech enterprise, a national advanced collective in the petroleum and chemical industry, a winner of the national "Ankang Cup" competition for three years, a demonstration enterprise of integrity in Zhejiang Province Zhejiang advanced enterprise of "creating harmonious labor relations" and Hangzhou "model collective" have made great contributions to the reform and development of enterprises

rely on employees wholeheartedly to run a good enterprise

-- a record of the national "May Day" labor medal and Zhejiang provincial labor model: Bao Tianxiong, chairman of Hangzhou paint Co., Ltd.

10 years ago, Hangzhou paint factory, which has been established for 40 years, fell into a precarious situation. The "four old" status quo of old enterprises, old products, old processes and old ideas is in danger of being eliminated by the ruthless market economy. Bao Tianxiong also gave orders to steel enterprises, steel trading enterprises and logistics transportation enterprises. With the enthusiasm of a Communist Party member, he wholeheartedly relied on the staff and formulated the reform strategy of "three-year adjustment, three-year accumulation and three-year development". The enterprise benefits and staff income increased at a rate of 15% every year. The enterprise sales volume, sales revenue and profit increased by 180%, 193% and 198% respectively compared with 10 years ago, marking the beginning of the reform of state-owned enterprises A beautiful chapter of three wins for enterprises and employees

Bao Tianxiong, born in 1948, can be said to have come through trials and tribulations with new China. In 1971, he entered Hangzhou pesticide factory to work. Starting from an ordinary employee, he was down-to-earth and conscientious. He successively served as workshop director, section chief and deputy factory director. In 1999, he was transferred to Hangzhou paint factory as factory director. After the overall restructuring of the factory in 2000, he served as chairman and general manager. "Adhere to the party spirit, unite comrades, be strict with oneself, be honest and clean, and have high prestige." This is the most common evaluation of the company's employees. For this reason, he has been rated as an excellent Communist Party member of the industrial system of Hangzhou for five times, and won the "May Day" Labor Medal of Zhejiang Province, the national "May Day" labor medal, the model worker of Zhejiang Province, and the outstanding entrepreneurial entrepreneur of Hangzhou. He also served as the vice president of China Coating Industry Association and the president of Zhejiang coating industry association, and devoted all his efforts to the development of China's coating industry. The enterprises led by him have successively won the honorary titles of national advanced collective in the petroleum and chemical industry, the winner of the national "Ankang Cup" competition, Zhejiang integrity demonstration enterprise, Zhejiang green enterprise and so on. "Daqiao paint" has won Zhejiang time-honored brand, Zhejiang famous brand and Zhejiang famous trademark

recalling his journey, Bao Tianxiong said, "the biggest feeling is two words: difficult and tired. The most gratifying thing is that I always share the same fate and breathe with the majority of employees. I really dare not say how much I have achieved, but I can proudly say that I have a clear conscience." I remember that in 2000, the company's strategic adjustment kicked off the reform of the enterprise. Bao Tianxiong clearly put forward that we should get rid of the plight of the enterprise by transforming the mechanism, adjusting the structure, innovating technology

Bao Tianxiong clearly knows that the quality of an enterprise depends on people, the key is to have a group of backbones, and the adjustment of personnel structure is the most difficult in the transformation. He said that the personnel adjustment is related to the vital interests of the staff and workers and must be properly handled. He went deep into the workshop team to talk with the staff, publicized the reform ideas of the enterprise, and got the understanding and support of the staff. After adjustment, the personnel structure of the enterprise is lean and efficient, which adds stamina to the development of the enterprise

at that time, Bao Tianxiong led the salesperson to conduct market research for three months and put forward the idea that "the company's product positioning must be matched with the local manufacturing industry". After three years of efforts, the company developed a number of new products, and gradually formed a large series of products with more and more material solutions in six automobile manufacturing and other industries with reasonable structure. At the end of 2006, combined with the market demand, he put forward the idea of "taking heavy corrosion prevention as the entry point, and developing the product structure adjustment to the direction of high performance, multi-function and high added value". After two years of efforts, the newly developed heavy-duty anticorrosive paint has been widely used in military industry, bridges, airports and other fields, and the world-renowned Beijing Olympic Water Cube project has also used the company's new products

in the second half of 2008, with the outbreak of the international financial crisis, the demand of the coating market shrank sharply. However, as the company shifted its development focus to heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings earlier, this is a good opportunity to meet the vigorous development of infrastructure construction in China and win good profits for the enterprise. In 2009, the company not only promised not to lay off staff, but also increased the number of college and technical secondary school graduates by 5. At the same time, it also increased the salary of front-line employees by 15%

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