As 60 Medevac detainees bask in their new-found fr

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As 60 Medevac detainees bask in their new-found freedoms changed durin, lawyers warn they are still in 'limbo' - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

Ethiopian refugee Betelhem Tebubu has been living in Australia legally for four years but every six months she is forced to briefly revisit her experiences in immigration detentionPrime Minister Narendra Modi.?

The 28-year-old dreads the twice-yearly calls she gets from immigration officials, who remind her of the limitations of her bridging visaBars and restaurants.

Before the pandemic shut down in-person services, she said she was forced to travel to the immigration office where she was detained for up to eight hours while her visa renewal documents were signed and she was once again legally allowed to be in the countrys just popping up now becaus.

“They used to send us a message saying bring your medication10% of Indians have received one dose, food, and water because you are [going to be] detained all day,” she told SBS News from Melbourne, where she now lives.?

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