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Tower cranes of Fangyuan group support the construction of Sichuan new Beichuan project in early July, the tobacco construction group ordered 16 sets of 4208 tower cranes for Sichuan new Beichuan housing project. Fangyuan group attaches great importance to the verification of whether the automatic tensile testing machine is qualified. The products ordered this time will play a role as soon as possible at the most favorable price and the fastest speed

in the middle of July, all tower cranes will be sent to Beichuan County. The service personnel of Fangyuan group and the staff of Yanjian group immediately engaged in the installation and commissioning of the replacement of the computer host tower crane. They overcame various difficulties on the site, got up early and went to bed late, worked overtime, and completed the commissioning of the assisted tower crane on August 1. Now they are in full use. The performance of Fangyuan tower crane has steadily increased by more than 53% compared with that in 2018. It works well and has become a beautiful scenery for the new Beichuan housing construction site

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