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Decorators didn't pay for car accident treatment 20 years ago. I want to find the doctors who selflessly rescued me 20 years ago. Thank them face to face. Yesterday morning, decorator Zhu Yuanchao hoped to find his life-saving benefactor through this newspaper. 20 years ago, he was unconscious and penniless due to a car accident, and the doctors of Huaxin hospital (yuanjiu Xianqiao hospital) rescued him. After recovering from the injury, Zhu Yuanchao secretly ran away without paying the money. For this reason, he has been feeling guilty

In 1988, Zhu Yuanchao first came to Beijing and became a carpenter apprentice with his younger brother. On the evening of April 7, they finished work and went home as usual. Zhu Yuanchao unconsciously fell behind as he walked and read the newspaper

when I walked to Liangma bridge, I suddenly heard a bang, and I didn't know anything. Yesterday morning, Zhu Yuanchao talked about the car accident 20 years ago, and he still had lingering palpitations

Zhu Yuanchao said that later, his brother told him that the car swished away and didn't see the car number clearly. Zhu Yuanchao bled a lot and his stomach slowly swelled. My brother panicked and didn't know what to do. Fortunately, a military vehicle passed by and took Zhu Yuanchao to Huaxin hospital

when we get to the hospital, we have no money. The doctor hesitated. The soldier who sent me insisted on saving me. Soon, the Deputy Dean on duty that day came down and signed, saying that it was important to save people, and the money would be discussed later. I just had an operation and had my spleen removed. Zhu Yuanchao said

sneak away from the hospital

after the operation, Zhu Yuanchao woke up. My brother raised a little money by borrowing money everywhere

I began to worry about how to pay the medical expenses. The hospital also began to urge. The more I thought about it, the more scared I became, so I decided to run. Zhu Yuanchao said that on April 28, he sneaked out of the hospital while the doctors and nurses were not paying attention. In fact, the wound was still very painful at that time. I bent over, covered my stomach, and moved out a little bit. I really don't dare to stay any longer. Afraid of the hospital asking me for money, I really can't afford it

when he returned to his residence in Beijing, he did not dare to stay any longer, for fear that the hospital would find him

the next day, he took the train back to his hometown Tongcheng, Anhui. It was not until 1999 that he returned to Beijing to work again

after I came back, I always wanted to go to Huaxin hospital again, thank those kind doctors face to face, and pay back the debt and money. But my wife always disagreed. She was afraid to pay back the money. We are really poor. The money owed is probably more than 1000 yuan, which is not a small amount for us. I now earn thousands of yuan a year. Zhu Yuanchao said

at noon yesterday, Zhu Yuanchao's wife had another big fight with him after learning that he was looking for a lifesaver through the media

find a kind doctor

I still want to find my life-saving benefactor, otherwise I will always be sorry. After much consideration, Zhu Yuanchao still insisted that this newspaper help find the kind-hearted doctor of that year. Then he rode on an electric car loaded with decorative materials and hurried away

yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to Huaxin hospital. With the help of the staff in the medical record room, I turned to the medical record of Zhu Yuanchao 20 years ago. On April 20, 1988, the last hospitalization record of Zhu Yuanchao said that the patient was in good condition, the incision healed, and there was no other discomfort. He waited for money to leave the hospital

director Miao of the Development Office of Huaxin hospital said that it has been so many years, and the arrearage record of Zhu Yuanchao has long been unclear. Zhu Yuanchao can still remember to come and return, which shows that he really has a conscience. The hospital was moved that he could do so

according to the hospital, Yan Shiqi, the attending doctor of Zhu Yuanchao, was still in the urology department of the hospital, and the other one had left the hospital. Xia enju, the vice president who made the decision at that time, has been transferred to 402 hospital. Now he is in Xiamen, and we will contact them as soon as possible

after learning that the reporter found a life-saving doctor, Zhu Yuanchao was very happy and kept it in his heart for so many years. I'll make a banner tomorrow and send the money and banner to the hospital. (reporter Shen Jiayin intern sun Qian)

editor: Han Qian Author: Shen Jiayin source: Beijing Times [Print]




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