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Air duct is a pipe system used for air transmission and distribution. There are two kinds of composite air duct and inorganic air duct. Air ducts can be classified by section shape and material. Air duct fabrication stainless steel air duct fabrication is to apply sealant (such as neutral glass glue) to the seams such as bite seams, rivet seams, flange flanging corners, etc. The dust and oil stain on the surface shall be removed before applying sealant. According to the section shape, the air duct can be divided into circular air duct, rectangular air duct, flat round air duct and so on. Among them, the height and size of the circular air duct with the smallest resistance are the largest, and the manufacture is complex

the air duct is made of concrete, brick and other building materials, which is used for air circulation. The following editor will introduce the relevant knowledge of air duct price in detail

1. Ventilation pipe product details

price: 10.00 yuan compressive strength: 88, model: 88, bending strength: 88, specification: 888, applicable fan: 88, brand: runhai, density: 88, material: 88, processing customization: Yes, service temperature: 88 (℃) ℃

ventilation pipe is a company specializing in the research and development, design, production, sales, engineering design, project contracting, installation and commissioning of cooking fume purifiers and environmental protection products in the catering industry A comprehensive environmental protection enterprise integrating technical consultation and technical training! The company's environmental protection products are: plasma fume purifier; Plasma industrial waste gas purifier; Industrial odor purifier; Welding fume purifier; air cleaner; Activated carbon high efficiency purifier. The fan series sold by the company include: low-noise centrifugal fan cabinet, low-noise centrifugal fan, high-pressure fire fan, ordinary axial flow fan, etc. The series of projects undertaken include: hotel kitchen overall project, kitchen fume purification project, industrial oil mist purification project and ventilation project. And processing various specifications of gas gathering hood and ventilation pipe

2. Air conditioning air duct product details

price: 36 yuan, brand/model: yijiali/20mm 25mm, specification: according to the design requirements, service temperature: 1300 (℃) ℃

air conditioning air duct yijiali brand glass magnesium composite air duct is a new generation of environmental protection and energy-saving air duct that replaces iron sheet air duct and glass fiber air duct. This product is made of high-strength inorganic materials and flame-retardant insulation materials through modern composite technology and special structure combination Connection. The composite air duct plate adopts mechanized production, with smooth and flat surface, which improves the efficiency of air transmission, and the air leakage rate is only 10% of that of iron sheet air duct.

yijiali brand glass magnesium composite air duct is in production make. It will not produce substances harmful to the environment or rust during installation or use Not moldy No dust, no dust and fiber of glass fiber duct, no odor, low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance, and good sound insulation Sound absorption performance, no noise caused by the contraction and expansion of iron duct. It has anti bending Pressure resistance, fire prevention, heat preservation, long service life. Product technical index 1 Class a non combustible. (GB 8624-1997) 2 The surface density is less than 8.0kg/m3 (jc/t 646-2002) 3 Water absorption less than 12% (gb/t 10810.1-2002) 4 The thermal conductivity is less than 0.05w/m.k (gb/t 10801.1-2002) 5 Absolute surface roughness 0.2mm (gb1236-93) 6 The bending strength is greater than 2.0MPa (GB 15231.3) 7 The withstand voltage is greater than 2500pa8 Air leakage; Conform to "code for acceptance of construction quality of ventilation and air conditioning engineering" (GB 50243-2002)

3 Details of stainless steel spiral duct [500 yuan]

stainless steel spiral duct Zhejiang Shaoxing Tianji ventilation duct Co., Ltd. is located in Lu Xun's hometown. The company has four spiral air duct lines, one elliptical air duct line and one welded air duct line, with an annual output of 200000 square meters of various air ducts. The company's products are three series with more than 1000 varieties. It has been exported to Singapore, Mongolia, Myanmar, Taiwan and other countries and regions for many times. Our products have been applied in projects such as Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shanghai Volkswagen, SMIC international, TSMC, Alstom, Tongji University, Wrigley food, Zhengxin tire, BenQ computer, Zhejiang Grand Theater, Metro supermarket, etc. because of their advanced technology, excellent quality, standardization, good interchangeability, easy installation, low price, they are deeply loved by users. The product specifications of spiral air duct and welded air duct are from φ 100~Φ 2000~Φ 3000, oval duct product specifications from H200 to h1000. The materials can be cold plate, galvanized plate and stainless steel plate. It is divided into single-layer exhaust, smoke exhaust, dust removal, exhaust and double-layer insulation air conditioning ducts. It is widely used in engineering systems such as electronics, food, medicine, biology, chemical industry, precision processing, venue exhibition hall, etc. The company's series of products include straight pipe, 45 DEG; Elbow, 90 DEG; Elbow, t tee, underpants tee, cross, reducer, air valve, Tianyuan place, saddle interface, flange, blind plate, intermediate joint, nozzle, etc

4. Stainless steel air duct 160 yuan/square meter

stainless steel air duct can be divided into round and rectangular. Stainless steel square pipes and straight pipes can produce finished air pipes of various shapes, specifications and models and plates according to the different requirements of the project site. The main materials of stainless steel air ducts are: SUS304, 316, 303, 310, 310S, 301, 302, 304L, 316L, 321, 201, 202, 902, 904, 317, 430, etc. The surface properties of stainless steel air duct mainly include 8K mirror panel, color stainless steel plate, stainless steel frosted plate, stainless steel wire drawing plate, stainless steel checkered plate, stainless steel etched plate, titanium, snow sand, 2b plate, Ba plate and industrial [1] medium and thick plate. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance, high strength and other physical and chemical properties, the finished stainless steel air duct is mainly used in a variety of process exhaust systems, solvent exhaust systems, organic exhaust systems, exhaust gas exhaust systems and outdoor parts of ordinary exhaust systems, damp heat exhaust systems, smoke exhaust and dust removal systems with high air tightness requirements


1. It has beautiful appearance, smooth inner wall, low resistance, good air tightness and high pressure bearing strength, and can be suitable for very complex exhaust projects

2. Combustible and non combustible chemical corrosive gases can be eliminated without the need for additional sprinkler equipment

3. It is made of stainless steel, which is solid and easy to maintain integrity

4. The internal coating of stainless steel air duct ECTFE coating has high chemical acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, which can be applied between 150 ℉ - 300 ℉ (-66 ℃ - 149 ℃)

that's all for the above knowledge about the price of air ducts. I hope it will be helpful to you. For more information, please continue to pay attention to Qijia information




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