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Is the "traffic jam" in the channel caused by electricity

since the power dispatching organization is kept inside the power grid, the responsibility of safety verification is in contradiction with the market construction, and the power grid is responsible for any accident

according to Article 63 of the basic rules for medium and long term electric power transactions, the responsibilities of the power dispatching institution are as follows:

the power dispatching institution is responsible for the security verification of various transactions. Direct transaction, contract adjustment and contract electricity transfer must pass the security check of the power dispatching agency. Transactions involving cross provinces and regions must be submitted to relevant power dispatching agencies for joint security verification. Power dispatching agencies at all levels have the obligation to provide each trading agency with security verification services for power transactions (involving the dispatching scope of the power dispatching agency). The main contents of safety verification include but are not limited to: channel blocking management, unit auxiliary service restrictions, etc

such an important function is just a few words. People who eat melons need to deeply understand and seriously study. No matter how good the electricity sales business can not pass the "safety check", it is a failure. So let's look at the so-called channel congestion management from the basic situation of China's power system

electrical channel congestion is actually a "traffic jam" on highways or cities. In short, a motor vehicle that wants to pass a certain road can't drive, so it has to stay where it is. The premise of traffic jam is that the passage you enter is a public passage, that is, it is not your special lane. At present, it is normal to have a special car but no special lane. Let's not talk about the capacity design of road design, the time setting of traffic lights and the coordination between them. Let's look at the passage and your car from the perspective of property rights

according to the basic rules for medium and long term electric power trading, if there is traffic jam in the passage and different safety checks are passed, there is no wheel wrench strength and endurance fatigue testing machine. It is a special testing equipment for automobile wheel wrench developed by our company. It is true to carry out trading, just like you are stuck in the city center and can't do anything. This is just the appearance of the problem. From the perspective of public service, who should be responsible for the traffic jam? Is it so simple to be unlucky? Obviously, the traffic jam is the result of a series of problems. It's too complicated to say, but obviously we can't completely blame the car owners. The public service providers and dispatchers must also have a negative part. No problem! From the point of view of public service, electricity provides the service of transmitting electricity. In case of channel blockage, most of them belong to electricity, so the score of electricity should be deducted. Is it wrong to pay for electricity? The biggest difference between electricity and highway traffic is that the traffic management department can not control when you drive on the road, nor how many cars he drives on his own road. The traffic management department has no way to predict and predict the behavior of drivers, at least not yet, or no one is willing to do so

however, the situation of electricity and motor vehicles is completely different. Unlike you can drive at will, the power supply channel for your home is completely fixed. Everything has been designed when your community is built. Unless the power supply department changes itself, you will only have a passive share. Therefore, the power line you use is completely predictable. You don't know it, but the power supply department fully knows the line you "drive" every day. This line itself is the touch button failure? The power supply is planned for you. It is wishful thinking that you want to take other roads. According to this principle, only for the convenience of loading control, when the supply is insufficient, you will not be able to use electricity, that is, you will not be able to stay at home without oil on the road, and there will be no blocking of any lines and channels supplying power to your home. If there is a jam, it is certainly not your problem, it is not your problem, it is not the problem of other users, so it can only be the problem of electricity

the above is a generalized electrical problem. According to the actual situation of power supply and consumption, the power supply and consumption parties need to sign a power supply contract. Unless an accident, natural or man-made disaster or an emergency is the first company that provides a multi-directional polyurethane raw material solution for the insulation and utilization of polyurethane pipes, resulting in line failure, the power supply department has continuous power supply. There is no security check problem in this. Because in the design and planning stage of your project. Even before and after the construction of the project, electricity participates in the whole process and supervises your safe use of electricity and safety measures. It can be said that electricity really does everything possible to consider for you. It is difficult to be unsafe. Some enterprises also provide you with "high reliability power supply" double insurance. For example, hospitals, public security command centers, radio and television stations and so on are all double insurance, three insurance or even four insurance. Why don't you say that the security check fails? If the safety check fails, it is a violation of the power supply and consumption contract, which is an illegal act. Furthermore, many users still belong to the so-called dedicated line users, that is, some roads are built with their own money. Let's not talk about property rights. The right to use them must be their own, or they have the priority to use them. How could it be that the road built by ourselves was blocked? It's only possible that the power company let other people pass by and offered flowers to the Buddha. It's good that I didn't ask you to settle the account. How can I still blame the problem on me? Isn't it a reversal of black and white? If your line is not blocked, then your upstream line is blocked, which raises a question: is the special line I spent a lot of money on still meaningful? Isn't this so-called special line just a trick? Does this also violate the power supply contract? Therefore, for power users, the security check of power dispatching to users' market-oriented power purchase and power sales companies' power sales behavior is completely out of thin air. It is necessary to pass the safety check. Otherwise, it is a violation of the power supply contract and must be corrected according to law

based on the same principle, since the power plant basically has a dedicated line for power supply, which is worth tens of millions, and is similar to the situation of users, there is no such problem of safety verification. If the safety check fails, it is the problem of electricity. Electricity should bear the legal consequences caused by the failure to supply power or buy electricity. It is not feasible for the power company to transfer the problem to the dispatching agency

the security check sounds frightening. Its essence is that the monopoly is doing mischief. It is also the purpose of marketization to correct it in the process of marketization

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