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In 2015, the total value of teaching and scientific research instruments and equipment exceeded 400billion

recently, the Ministry of Education released the 2015 national statistical bulletin on the development of education. According to the communique, there are 792 graduate training institutions nationwide, including 575 ordinary universities and 217 scientific research institutions; The total value of teaching and scientific research instruments and equipment was 405.860 billion yuan, an increase of 40.011 billion yuan over the previous year. This is a great progress in teaching and scientific research in China

in recent years, domestic scientific instruments are mainly used in inspection institutions of production enterprises, government grass-roots inspection units and third-party professional inspection institutions. The proportion of domestic scientific instruments used in scientific research and teaching is only 22.3%. This data shows that domestic instruments have a low market share in scientific research, R & D and teaching instruments. How to open the door of the future market for scientific researchers and students and become an important issue for excellent domestic scientific instrument manufacturers. In order to promote the healthy development of the domestic instrument and equipment industry, we need to improve the quality first, and then we need to break the monopoly of imported instruments. According to the data, in 2013, China imported $6.294 billion of experimental and analytical instruments, exported $1.456 billion, and had a trade deficit of $4.838 billion. Such as ICP, mass spectrometry, scanning electron microscope, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and other high-end equipment, due to monopoly, can only rely heavily on imports. This means that China's high-end instrument research and additional tariff is mainly 25%; (2) it is faster than the R & D system with only two or three centers) the technology of double offset paper is insufficient, and it can only rely on medium and low-end products to occupy the market, which tests the R & D level of domestic instrument enterprises in China. Only by breaking through the technical bottleneck and innovating production can we realize the rapid progress of domestic instruments

in 2015, the total value of teaching and scientific research instruments and equipment exceeded 400billion, which is a prominent manifestation of China's major investment in teaching and scientific research. As an important work affecting the development of colleges and universities, teaching and scientific research can promote each other. With the change of social economy and culture. The educational function of colleges and universities is changing from paying attention to the dissemination of knowledge. Mr. Li has been unemployed at home for a long time, simply emphasizing the teaching function, to teaching and educating people, and cultivating talents with comprehensive moral, intellectual and physical development, solid foundation, wide range of knowledge, strong ability, high quality and innovative spirit. The change of educational thought has led to the change of educational mode and teaching method in Colleges and universities. Teaching is endowed with scientific research, teaching activities are carried out in scientific research, and teaching is supported by scientific research achievements. China has also realized the reform of "running parallel" and even "leading" with the international advanced level. Teaching and scientific research interact, and teaching and scientific research grow together, which has increasingly become the strategy for the development of colleges and universities

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