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There is little suspense about adjusting oil prices on Saturday, and plastics hit the highest increase on Saturday.

in the past week, the price of international crude oil (105.78, -0.22, -0.21%) continued to rise, making it inevitable for domestic oil prices to rise on Saturday. On July 16, the forecast data obtained from a number of market institutions showed that there was no suspense about the increase in oil prices on Saturday (July 20), and the increase may reach about 280 yuan to 300 yuan/ton, thus reaching the highest increase since the new pricing mechanism

the average price of reference crude oil varieties (WTI, Brent, Brent DTD, Dubai, ESPO) was 106.425 as of July 16, with a change rate of 5.22%. Converted into domestic gasoline and diesel ton price, it should be increased by 280 yuan/ton, with a large adjustment range. In terms of price increase, the increase rate of gasoline and diesel is about 0.2 ~ 0.24 yuan per liter

according to relevant analyst No. 4, the international crude oil may sell back at a high level in the near future, but the current reference crude oil change rate is wide, and the slight decline of crude oil has little impact on this price adjustment. On Friday, the retail price was raised based on its combustion performance reaching gb8624a

anxins' monitoring data also shows that as of July 15, the current round of refined oil pricing cycle has entered the seventh working day, and the index of refined oil price change rate is 4.85%. This Saturday (July 20), the retail price of refined oil will usher in the highest increase after the implementation of the pricing mechanism

Liang Dan, a senior analyst of anxins refined oil, said that if the international crude oil prices remained stable at Monday's level this week, the increase in the retail price of refined oil on Saturday is expected to be about 290 yuan/ton (equivalent to the retail price of gasoline and diesel is about 0.21 ~ 0.25 yuan/liter). If the crude oil price continues to fluctuate and rise, the retail price of domestic refined oil may rise by 300 ~ 350 yuan/ton

the market reaction is very calm

the price adjustment is expected to stimulate the domestic refined oil market. The price adjustment is expected to stimulate the price increase of upstream users, but downstream users do not buy it, and the response is relatively flat

driven by the expected increase in refined oil, the price of domestic refined oil has increased. According to relevant monitoring, as of the closing of July 15, the domestic 93 gasoline price of PetroChina, Sinopec and local refinery rose slightly by 3 yuan/ton to 8680 yuan/ton compared with July 8; The average price of 0 × diesel increased by 61 yuan/ton to 7656 yuan/ton

at the beginning of this week, the domestic oil market continued to rise last week, and most regions continued to push up oil prices. The oil price in the markets of East China, South China, along the Yangtze River and southwest China rose steadily, with the increase of more than 50 yuan to 80 yuan/ton, and the overall buying and selling atmosphere gradually improved; Although merchants in North China are willing to push up, the market performance is weak; The rise of Shandong local refineries has slowed down, and some refineries are still affected by the high inventory level, with a small increase, maintaining at 10-20 yuan/ton

although the current price is higher, the increase is also lower than that in previous years. According to statistics, in 2012, during the two rounds of oil price hikes on September 11 and August 10, Shandong local refining Co., Ltd. met the expectations of oil price hikes, and gasoline and diesel prices rose sharply. From July 12 to September 10, gasoline and diesel increased by 560 yuan/ton and 260 yuan/ton respectively in just one month. After the implementation of the pricing mechanism in 2013, the expected price adjustment did not have a particularly large stimulus response to the market

however, the support of the market is basically limited during the week, mainly because most regions in China have ushered in a strong rainfall process, and the demand for gasoline and diesel terminals in various regional certifications related to logistics and food hygiene, such as FDA, EU, lfgb and other transportation and outdoor operation industries, has been hit to a certain extent. Therefore, on the whole, the rise in the price of domestic finished products is relatively limited,

it is understood that at present, the preferential treatment for two barrels of oil gas stations in Southwest China is not large, but the social gas stations still have a preferential treatment of about 0.05 ~ 0.2 yuan/liter. Supported by the biggest increase after the new mechanism, it is expected that the domestic wholesale price of gasoline and diesel will still rise in the near future, especially the diesel price will move closer to the wholesale price limit, and the wholesale and retail price difference is expected to continue to narrow

relevant experts believe that the positive support of the oil price rise to the market is relatively weak, and the recovery of refined oil market demand in 2013 is slow. Therefore, despite the increase in oil prices, it is still difficult to improve the transaction situation in the domestic oil market. It is reported that PetroChina and Sinopec Golz said, "this greatly simplifies the operation. The completion of the overall sales task this year has declined compared with last year

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