The hottest oil pipeline leakage accident in Dalia

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Dalian oil pipeline leakage accident: only recognition, not accountability

On August 2, PetroChina Dalian Petrochemical Company held a "716" fire accident rescue commendation meeting. According to the employees of the company, the relevant units and individuals who should have undertaken the accident have become meritorious heroes and received awards for their meritorious deeds. In particular, the departments and persons in charge of production management, safety management and fire protection in the crude oil tank farm have become the focus of commendation

in the logical habit of the public, after each major safety accident, the first step is bound to be the intense rescue and aftermath, and then the investigation, summary and reflection of the cause of the accident, as well as the accountability of the relevant people, etc. The "7161 kinds of pressure" oil pipeline explosion rescue commendation conference held by Dalian Petrochemical Branch surprised the public. It was almost another farce of "doing things in vain"

"716" explosion accident caused 1500 tons of crude oil to flow into the sea. In the whole rescue process, the whole people in Dalian showed a high sense of citizenship and moral quality. The elderly fisherman also suspended his demolition petition in the face of accident rescue and devoted himself to the rescue work. After the accident, the media analyzed that the clean-up cost of Dalian sea area might exceed 1billion yuan. Liaoyongyong, deputy general manager and member of the Party group of CNPC, also made it clear at the company's internal meeting that the "716" fire accident was a serious production safety accident with heavy losses, huge impact, bad nature and profound lessons

it is not that the public is biased against the rescue commendation conference. In the rescue of this fire accident, the staff of PetroChina Dalian Petrochemical Company really showed the spirit of fearless and selfless fighting in the face of danger. Of course, those who should be commended should be commended. In addition to the internal recognition of the company, those fishermen who are fearless to rescue should also be commended by the government. On the issue of recognition, the public has no opinion. The key problem is that the leading cadres of the units related to the accident took the lead in receiving the award, which is unreasonable in any case. At the commendation meeting for phenolic main antioxidants and phosphite auxiliary antioxidants, the departments and persons in charge of production management, safety management and fire protection in the crude oil tank farm have become the focus of commendation. Due to their own dereliction of duty, which caused such a major accident, in the face of accident rescue, the heads of these departments should naturally take the lead to rush to the rescue, which is based on the minimum performance of their own work responsibilities, not to mention that they are still "guilty", and they must do more to "make a sacrifice" not long ago. When the rescue was over, the identities of these people turned out to be "the great shift of heaven and earth", and their sins and problems disappeared. They became the greatest heroes. In the face of this situation, why should the public feel embarrassed

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