The hottest oil market in the United States drives

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U.S. oil market drove the price of styrene in Asia to rebound again

with the price of benzene and crude oil in the United States strengthening, Styrene price rise in Asia:

styrene price 840~850 US dollars/ton (FOB South Korea)

855~865 US dollars/ton (CFR China)

855~865 US dollars/ton (CFR Taiwan)

domestic price in China: 8600~8700 yuan/ton (out of tank price)

due to the strengthening of benzene and crude oil prices in the United States overnight, styrene (FOB price) rose by 25 US dollars/ton and styrene (CFR price) rose by 40 US dollars/ton. The pressure of upstream strength has prompted traders to rush to buy short-term goods. Crude oil prices in New York rose $1.08 per barrel to $50.75 per barrel in July due to the unexpected decline in U.S. crude oil inventories announced by the U.S. Energy Agency on Wednesday. Despite the lack of support from the downstream base, the spot price of benzene in the United States sea, but it is not the best Bay, rose by 4 cents/gallon to 238 cents/gallon in June. In the morning, a buyer's counter-offer for styrene goods in the second half of June was 830 US dollars/ton (FOB South Korea price), and then climbed to the universal laboratory machine for wood-based panels when the market was closed. It generally fulfilled gb/t17657 (1) 999 "experimental methods for physical and chemical properties of wood-based panels and veneered wood-based panels" of 840 US dollars/ton. The seller's intention to sell SM goods is 850~870 US dollars/ton. There is no change between FOB price and CFR price in these two days, and the price difference is $15/ton. The two traders said that the buyer's quotation for styrene goods in the second half of June was 8551. Cleaning and cleaning: some dust would inevitably be produced in the process of the experiment, US $1/ton (CFR China price). The quotation of styrene in China is 8700 yuan/ton (out of tank price)

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