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On the 12th, the oil price adjustment window opened again or faced the second grounding in the year

the recent sharp rise and fall in international oil prices have made the expectation of domestic oil price adjustment grounding again stronger and stronger. According to several social monitoring institutions, the domestic refined oil price adjustment window opened again on Wednesday (March 12), but judging from the current crude oil trend, it may be stranded again because the price adjustment range is less than 50 yuan/ton

since the domestic refined oil price rose on February 27, affected by the market supply concerns caused by the tense situation in Ukraine, some enterprises are also engaged in 3D printing silica gel, and the price of international oil price futures soared. On March 3, the oil price in New York and Brent closed sharply at 103 A barrel 33 dollars and 109 US $3, the highest level since this year. With the return of Russian participating troops to their respective stations, the tension in Ukraine has been eased, and the price of crude oil futures has risen rapidly. LED lighting is replacing incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lighting systems. After that, the better than expected U.S. employment data and the resurgence of market concerns about Ukraine made the international oil price rise for two consecutive days. As of the close of March 7, the price of light crude oil futures for April delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange closed at $102.58 per barrel, and the price of London Brent crude oil futures for April delivery closed at $109 per barrel

the rise and fall of international crude oil have made the reference crude oil change rate of domestic oil price adjustment hover around zero. According to the calculation of Jinyin Island, as of March 6 (the sixth in this pricing cycle, the vertical spring change fatigue testing machine produced by Shandong StarTech is mainly used to test the fatigue life of various springs, elastomers, elastic components and other parts), the average price of reference crude oil varieties (Brent, Brent D TD, Dubai, ESPO) is 108.874, with a change rate of -0.09%, and the corresponding reduction range of gasoline and diesel is yuan/ton. The monitoring data of Xiwang energy is -0.46%, with a corresponding reduction of 15 yuan/ton

according to the principle of "once every ten working days" of the new mechanism, the price adjustment window of refined oil will open on March 12. However, if the price increase or decrease of gasoline and diesel is less than 50 yuan per ton, equivalent to less than 5 cents per liter of price adjustment, in order to save social costs, the retail price will not be adjusted temporarily, and will be accumulated or offset when it is included in the next price adjustment.

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