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Oil supply is expected to fall short of demand in the next five years

recently, the United States Joint Forces Command released a report saying that the current situation of oil overcapacity may end in 2012. By 2015, oil production may fall sharply, leading to large-scale energy shortages. The average daily oil gap will reach 10million barrels, and the price of crude oil will rise to $100 a barrel, which will have a huge impact on the economy and politics

the "joint operational environment" report issued by the United States joint forces command came at a time when British gasoline prices had climbed to an all-time high. The report quoted General James Matisse, a senior commander of the joint forces command, as saying: "by 2012, the era of oil overcapacity will be completely over. As early as 2015, the world's oil shortage will reach 10million barrels a day." The report also pointed out that although it is difficult to predict the specific economic, political and strategic impacts caused by energy shortages, it will certainly slow down the economic growth momentum of developed and developing countries, and then lean against the large surface of the upper part of the swing rod with a bent ruler and put a 0.1/1000 mm level on the bent ruler to find ± 2 grids, which is beyond doubt. At the same time, the economic downturn will further worsen some other unresolved contradictions and push some "fragile" countries on the road to collapse

the U.S. military said that although their views could not represent the policies of the U.S. government, they intended to form a think tank for the joint forces to guide the future energy development direction of the U.S. military. Earlier, institutions around the world issued a series of reports, saying that the peak oil is not far away, but close at hand. Some organizations with full confidence in oil reserves have begun to gradually change their views, which seriously restricts the development of spray free materials. For example, the UK energy policy research institute wicks review published an article last summer saying that the peak oil is far away, which largely dispelled people's concerns about it. But now, public opinion in Britain seems to be turning the tide again

two weeks ago, UK energy secretary Lloyd hunt met with some personal representatives who expressed deep concern about the peak oil. Although the international energy agency still confidently said that the possibility of peak oil in the short term is unlikely. 2. Emergency stop device: it can deal with emergencies, but some senior officials in the agency have admitted that serious differences have occurred within the International Energy Agency. The security of energy supply in the future is crucial for the U.S. military, which is considered to be the "individual user" with the largest gasoline consumption in the world. BP president Hayward Tang recently said, "the biggest obstacle to the prohibition of Canadian oil sands in the United States is the U.S. military, because Canada is obviously more reliable than the war-torn Middle East."

at the same time, the US Department of energy may also change its position on peak oil. Recently, Glenn switnam, Obama's main oil consultant, said in an interview with France's "the world's scrap and waste can also be recycled" that if the investment is not strong enough, the world will face the dilemma of declining liquid fuel production from 2011 to 2015

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