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Oil press machine tool structure, simple, economical and practical

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⑵ the hydraulic control adopts the cartridge valve integrated system, which has reliable action, long service life, small hydraulic impact, and reduces the connecting pipeline and leakage point.

⑶ the independent electrical control system has reliable operation, objective action, and convenient maintenance.

⑷ it adopts the button centralized control, and has three operation modes: adjustment, manual and semi-automatic.

⑤ through the selection of the operation panel, it can realize the two forming processes of fixed range and constant pressure It also has the functions of pressure maintaining and time delay of a batch of upstream and downstream cooperation mechanisms established by the Ministry of industry and information technology in the fields of marine steel, electrical steel, civil aircraft aluminum, etc

⑥ the working pressure of the sliding block of the oil press, the travel range of no-load fast downward and slow forward can be adjusted according to the process needs

applicable fields:

frame type and door type oil presses are suitable for the downstream market demand of metal materials. Weak or normal is the main factor to restrain the rise of pig iron prices. Stretching, bending, flanging, refrigerant, blanking and other processes are also suitable for correction, press fitting, powder products, abrasive products pressing and forming, as well as plastic products and insulating materials pressing and forming

● it is suitable for forming, flanging, embossing and other workpieces of various types of anti-theft doors

● suitable for pressing well covers, large and small elbows, pipe clamps and other processes

● covering parts of large automobiles, agricultural vehicles and other parts

● boiler heads, liquefier tanks, stainless steel hand sinks, baths, etc.

● marine, aviation, aerospace, orbit and other fields

Taizhou enterprises left a deep impression on Hu Yanling, Deputy Secretary General of the China department store business association, who participated in the China Plastics Fair for the first time: "Taizhou enterprises are constantly innovating their products and production methods. Optional accessories:

(1) blanking buffer device; (2) mobile workbench; (3) light curtain safety protection device

⑷ cooling device; (5) changing the mold with floating guide rail and rolling bracket

3. The zigzag process needs to be carried out in a safe operation

; (6) touch mode industrial display; (7) charging device (hydraulic press and Mechanical)

working light; (9) PLC programmable control system

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