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Problem popsicle packaging now Hefei industry and Commerce has seized 10000 finished products

in hot summer, eating a popsicle can make most children happy. However, on June 16, the industrial and Commercial Department of Anhui Province investigated and dealt with the problems found in an underground popsicle packaging production shelter with extremely poor production conditions, which made people doubt the health and safety of popsicle

on June 16, Zhou Changyi, director of the raw materials department of the Ministry of industry, commerce and information technology of Yaohai, the provincial capital, published a signed article in this newspaper on October 11, 2016, pointing out that the personnel of Heping Road Industrial and Commercial Office of the Branch Bureau found this processing dens hidden on the fourth floor of a bankrupt factory on Heping Road during routine inspection of the market. It's not too much to call this processing site a "nest": the ground is messy and the walls are covered with old accumulated ash. In this environment, four workers are nervously "producing" plastic packaging with popsicles according to the range of measurement selected by the materials. The inspectors noticed that none of the producers were equipped with masks, gloves and other sanitary isolation facilities. The extruder industry still has a large market space for development. The popsicle packaging just produced from the machine was directly trimmed and packaged by hand. It may be that the weather was muggy, and the workers worked barefoot, while the packaging bags that would be used to fill popsicle ice were trampled on the ground by them. The law enforcement personnel did not see any equipment for product quality control and hygiene inspection at the processing site, and did not apply for production and hygiene licenses. None of the five people, including the boss Yang, has even the most basic health certificate. Law enforcement officers temporarily detained 650 kilograms of raw materials, 40000 finished and semi-finished products and production equipment in the dens on the spot

when the boss Yang was investigated by the industrial and commercial department, he "revealed" his production process: he first purchased a ton of polyethylene raw materials from a private boss in Zhejiang, and began production in Hefei after a little training. Generally, a kilogram of raw materials can produce 330 sticks of popsicle packaging. The ex factory price he set for his products is 0.13 yuan per stick, but since he just started production in May, "no products have yet entered the market"

according to the person in charge of Heping Road Industrial and commercial office: according to the on-site inspection, the production environment of this dens is extremely poor, and the production hygiene index is obviously unqualified. In addition, there is no mark on the product. At present, the two issues that need to be investigated in this case are: whether the polyethylene raw material used in the dens to produce popsicle packaging can be used to produce food packaging; At the same time, whether the dens' products have entered the market

it is understood that the industrial and commercial department can achieve ideal performance without post curing parts. After all, it has contacted the Hefei safety production department to entrust the other party to test whether this food package contains ingredients harmful to human body. At the same time, it has increased the inspection of small and medium-sized beverage enterprises to ensure that these hygienic Zero standard beverage packages do not cause harm to children

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