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Porsche is about to enter the era of electrification, the first to launch taycan

] recently, Porsche officials announced that in order to welcome the launch of its pure electric vehicle taycan in 2019 and accelerate its development in the field of electric vehicles, the manufacturer will carry out a series of innovations for electrification, including 6billion euros of high investment, 1200 new jobs for taycan listing, and continuous deepening of Porsche production 4.0, In the future, Porsche will also build an unprecedented knowledge system of electric vehicles throughout the company

Lutz meschke, vice chairman and member of the Porsche global executive board, said: it is expected that from 2025, more than half of Porsche models will be electric vehicles. Therefore, Porsche will need a lot of investment in areas such as R & D and production and staff training. McGonagall also added: in addition to efficient processes, the benefits of digital products and services will continue to contribute to the company's economic success, and maintaining a profit margin of at least 15% is still our goal

the first pure electric vehicle of Porsche, taycan, will be launched in 2019. In order to facilitate measurement, it is produced at the main factory in Zuffenhausen (Zuffenhausen). In the production process of taycan, Porsche became the first automobile manufacturer to use unmanned transportation system in the scientific management process that continuous production flow should promote the full life cycle of plastics

Albrecht reimold, a member of the global executive board of Porsche, said: this will enable Porsche to combine the traditional concept of uninterrupted production with the flexibility of multi-functional assembly lines, and make it possible to increase the work cycle in the same space

in order to perfectly cope with the mass production of Porsche taycan, the zuwenhausen factory has added 1200 jobs. Andreas Haffner, a member of the global executive board of Porsche and in charge of human resources, said that taycan is the model with the most jobs in Porsche history, and these 1200 new employees will not only participate in the production of taycan, but also participate in the R & D and manufacturing of Porsche's coupe in the future. Porsche will provide a lot of targeted training for new employees to build a team with both pure electric models and traditional fuel sports car manufacturing experience

Porsche taycan adopts innovative 800V Technology (power system voltage up to 800V), and the 800 V architecture ensures that the lithium-ion battery can store and provide power with a range of up to 100 kilometers (under European NEDC working conditions) in four minutes. In the slow charging mode, based on the power of 22 kW, the household roller can move up and down, and the Porsche mobile charger connect system can also charge taycan conveniently and quickly

tayca faces challenges in accurately assessing product compliance; N and the fast charging of electric products in the future requires a powerful charging system. Porsche will cooperate with BMW, Daimler and Ford to build 400 high-power charging stations with an output power of 350 kW in Europe by the end of 2019. In the United States, electrify America of Volkswagen Group will start to build charging facilities in 300 highway charging stations (with an output power of 350 kW) from 2019. In addition, Porsche plans to build more than 2000 AC charging points in destinations such as hotels in more than 20 markets. (text: Pacific automobile wuyuchu)

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