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Chinalong chemical was listed in the Shanghai R & D center of the Ministry of public security on January 19, 2010, Shanghai chinalong Chemical Co., Ltd. officially put up the new year's start card "the R & D center of Shanghai 822 factory of the Ministry of public security", becoming the R & D base for high-end military products designated by the Ministry of public security, but the speed is slow

chinalong chemical focuses on the R & D and production of inorganic ceramic coatings. The "excilon" series of high temperature and weather resistant ceramic coatings independently developed by the company have been designated as the designated coatings for the torch in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. This product has comprehensive excellent characteristics such as high temperature resistance, high hardness, environmental protection, non-toxic and easy construction. It can be applied to cookers, hairpins, electric irons and other fields. Because of its super weather resistance and non combustibility, we have been producing experimental machines for several decades. It has been the trust of our new and old customers to come to the present, smoke-free, non-toxic and other characteristics. It can also be recommended to be used in building aluminum curtain walls, subway locomotives, airport floors and other aspects

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